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The Net-Zero Basque Industrial Super Cluster underway

Basque impulse towards a sustainable future The Net-Zero Basque Industrial Super Cluster

Jeickson Sulbaran

January 25, 2024 | 1:06 p.m.

In a crucial event for the sustainable future of Euskadi, the SPRI Group, together with the counselor Arantxa Tapia, has presented a revolutionary initiative: the Net-Zero Basque Industrial Super Cluster. This project, unveiled in Madrid within the framework of the Q-Zero Alliance powered by Iberdrola and supported by SPRI, represents a milestone in the fight against climate change and puts Euskadi at the forefront of industrial decarbonization. The initiative seeks to transform the energy landscape of the Basque industry, accelerating the transition towards a net zero emissions model.

The relevance of this project transcends local borders; Initially presented at COP26, the Super Cluster is part of the World Economic Forum's global initiative "Transitioning industrial clusters towards Net-Zero". With more than 20 initiatives in 10 countries and 4 continents, this global network seeks to catalyze significant change in the way industries manage their environmental impact.

The challenge of Net-Zero Basque Industrial Super Cluster

The Net-Zero Basque Industrial Super Cluster

The Net-Zero Basque Industrial Super Cluster addresses a formidable challenge: the decarbonization of energy demand in the Basque industry. In a context where thermal energy represents close to 40% of energy demand in Spain, the initiative has the potential to make a significant difference. The path to decarbonization is not simple, with barriers ranging from the need to advance sustainable technologies to the adaptation of industrial processes. However, the initiative promises to be a catalyst to overcome these obstacles, taking advantage of the economic opportunity represented by the development of decarbonization sectors and technologies.

This multidimensional approach is key to addressing the complex heat needs in industry and buildings, including both residential and tertiary sectors. The strategy involves not only a transformation in energy production, but also a change in mentality and business and daily practices.

A strategic alliance for the energy future

Euskadi's commitment to a sustainable future is reflected in the collaboration between key players in the sector. The Q-Cero alliance, led by Iberdrola and supported by SPRI, brings together the main energy companies in the Basque Country, such as Petronor-Repsol, and the most relevant industrial clusters. This collaboration is an example of how synergy between different sectors can accelerate the transition towards a cleaner and more efficient energy model.

In addition, participation in the Industry and Energy Forum in Madrid, where the Net-Zero Basque Industrial Super Cluster is the protagonist, underlines the importance of sharing knowledge and experiences. This event, which has the collaboration of the CEOE and the sponsorship of Repsol, is a platform to explore the keys to a decarbonized industry, highlighting reindustrialization and the attraction of new industries as critical aspects on this path towards sustainability.

The Net-Zero Basque Industrial Super Cluster is more than an initiative; It is a declaration of intent. It leads the way for a greener, more innovative and more committed Euskadi to the future of the planet.. For the citizens of Bilbao and Bizkaia, it represents an opportunity to be on the front line of this transformation, being participants and beneficiaries of a change that promises to improve not only our environment, but also our quality of life.

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