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A Clarisa nun reveals herself to the sect

Jesus Carames

May 18, 2024 | 2:15 p.m.

The Poor Clares convent in Belorado has been a hotbed of controversy. Recently, one of the nuns broke her silence about the plan of the alleged bishop Pablo de Rojas. Sister María Amparo, with 62 years of service as a nun, shared her experience with Diario de Burgos, revealing disturbing details about her departure from her convent.

A journey of service and faith

Sister María Amparo, who was a Poor Clare in Gasteiz for 24 years and in Belorado for 20 years, decided to leave the convent when Pablo de Rojas showed up. As she tells it, "I saw the plan that Mr. Pablo de Rojas proposed to us" and she could not remain silent in the face of what she considered a usurpation.

The confrontation with the 'fake' bishop

The nun narrates how Pablo de Rojas presented himself before the community, proclaiming to be the new superior with authority over them. «They tell us to go to the parlor at 16:30 in the afternoon and he introduces himself saying that he is bishop of I don't know what. He says: 'from now on, I am the superior, the one who rules the community, and you are under my jurisdiction' », explained Sister María Amparo. Her reaction was immediate and firm: «I got up and refuted him quite a bit. The Lord put the words in my mouth, what I had to say: 'We are under the jurisdiction of Mr. Mario. "He is the successor of the apostles for the Archdiocese of Burgos,' I replied."

The decision to leave the convent

Under pressure from Pablo de Rojas, who insisted that her authority was legitimate and dismissed that of the official Church, Sister María Amparo decided that she could not remain in that environment. "He tells me that 'that's worthless, it doesn't exist' and more nonsense against the Church," the nun continued, adding that her fidelity to the Church and Pope Francis was unwavering. Finally, Pablo de Rojas gave him an ultimatum: "If I did not agree to be under their jurisdiction, I would have to leave."

Sister María Amparo did not hesitate to leave, declaring: «It was a firm decision: I had to leave. Above all, not to belong to this sect, for anything in the world. "You couldn't be in that environment anymore." The nun described her farewell to her convent with sadness, remembering how her sisters hugged her and regretting not having been able to say goodbye to her older sisters.

The origin of the conflict

Sister María Amparo also mentioned having seen Pablo de Rojas in a magazine years ago, where he seemed like a "fantoche." «This has been forged little by little. They will know, he said, indicating that the situation gradually developed until reaching the breaking point.

A story of resistance and loyalty

The story of Sister María Amparo is a testimony of resistance and fidelity to the Catholic Church. His rejection of Pablo de Rojas' plan and his firmness in maintaining loyalty to Pope Francis reflect his deep commitment to his faith and his community. In an environment where ecclesiastical norms and authority were challenged, Sister María Amparo chose to defend the principles in which she believes, even at the cost of leaving the convent that was her home for two decades.

This incident at the Poor Clares convent in Belorado is a reminder of the internal challenges that can arise in religious communities and the importance of maintaining integrity and faith in times of adversity. Sister María Amparo's experience underscores the need for constant vigilance and unwavering commitment to the fundamental values ​​and principles of the Church.

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