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A man is arrested in Barakaldo for violent aggression in a nightclub in Erandio

Jesus Carames

June 24, 2023 | 6:34 pm

The Ertzaintza A neighbor of Barakaldo has been arrested at dawn today, accused of a crime of injuries after a violent incident that occurred in the parking lot of a nightclub in Erandio. The victim was attacked with a metal bar and suffered serious injuries, which required his transfer to a hospital.

Details of the assault

The incident occurred at approximately four thirty in the morning. A man reportedly got out of one car and attacked another from behind in the nightclub's car park. The attacker hit the victim in the head with a metal bar, knocking her unconscious on the ground, and fled in her vehicle.

Quick police response

The agents of the ErtzaintzaAlerted by a call, they went to the scene and contacted several witnesses to the incident. The description of the attacker and the vehicle provided by the witnesses was essential for the location of the suspect. Upon verifying that the owner of the car resided in Barakaldo, a patrol went to his home.

arrest of the suspect

On the way, the agents came across the Barakaldo Local Police, who had stopped the vehicle involved in the Lutxana neighborhood after the alert issued for the attack. Finally, the Ertzaintza agents arrested the suspect, a 21 year old man, who was transferred to police units to carry out the corresponding proceedings. Once completed, the detainee will be brought to justice.

Victim condition

The victim of the attack, who suffered serious injuries, was evacuated to the Cruces Hospital. Although no further details about her state of health have been revealed, this fact underlines the seriousness of the incident.

In conclusion, this act of violence in a nightclub in Erandio has led to a rapid police intervention and the arrest of a suspect in Barakaldo. Cooperation between witnesses and the police was crucial to the location and arrest of the alleged assailant. This incident serves as a reminder of the need to ensure security in nightclubs, as well as the effectiveness of security forces in responding to such acts of violence.

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