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A young man arrested after new incidents at the Sopuerta juvenile center

Mairenis Gomez

May 15, 2024 | 9:30 a.m.

A young man has been arrested by the Ertzaintza after confronting an agent in the midst of new disturbances at the Sopuerta juvenile center, where several boys broke windows and caused damage to the facilities

Last night was especially complicated at the Sopuerta juvenile center, located in Bizkaia. Several young people sheltered in the center carried out an episode of violence and vandalism, breaking windows and causing considerable damage to the palace that houses the facilities.

Intervention of the Ertzaintza

Given the situation of disorder, the Ertzaintza arrived at the scene to control the situation and restore order. During the intervention, one of the young people confronted an agent, which led to his arrest for the crime of attacking law enforcement officers. The arrest occurred in the midst of a tense and chaotic atmosphere.

incident details

  • Material damage: The youth caused significant damage to the center's facilities, including breaking windows and other acts of vandalism.
  • Confrontation: One of the young people showed active resistance and confronted an Ertzaintza agent, which led to his arrest for attacking authority.

Context and background

This is not the first incident of its kind at the Sopuerta juvenile center, raising questions about the security and management of the center. The situation in these centers can be tense due to the personal and social circumstances of the minors taken in, which sometimes results in episodes of violence.

Reactions and measurements

Local authorities and those responsible for the juvenile center are working to address the situation and prevent future incidents. It is expected that additional safety and support measures will be implemented for minors, with the aim of preventing further episodes of violence and ensuring a safe and stable environment for all residents.

Official statements

So far, no official statements have been issued by the Ertzaintza or those responsible for the juvenile center about the specific measures that will be adopted after these incidents. However, it is likely that a review of security protocols will be carried out and solutions will be sought to improve conflict management within the center.

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