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Aid from the Basque Government promotes youth emancipation

youth emancipation

Mairenis Gomez

February 20, 2024 | 6:30 p.m.

A promising future for the young people of Bilbao and Bizkaia with the new aid program

In an effort to foster the independence of youth in the community, The Basque Government has launched an initiative that promises to change the panorama of youth emancipation in Euskadi. Starting February 20, young people who meet certain requirements can access monthly aid of 300 euros for renting or purchasing their first home. This measure, part of the Emanzipa program, is part of the ambitious Basque Strategy 2030 to promote youth emancipation, seeking to advance the average age of independence, which currently stands at 30,2 years, notably higher than the European average.

How aid facilitates the path to independence

The Emanzipa program is a clear example of how the Basque Government is committed to the future of its young people. Offering not only financial support but also a push towards an independent and stable life. It is estimated that around 28.000 young people could benefit from this program, for which 53 million euros have been reserved. The requirements to access aid have been designed to include those young people who really need it. They must be between 25 and 29 years old, have an annual income of less than 28.000 euros and not own properties that exceed 75.000 euros in value.

The application process: digital and accessible

To facilitate access to these aids, The Basque Government has enabled an application process that includes both online and in-person options. The possibility of making the request through the electronic headquarters of the Basque Government with a B@kQ electronic identification, or in person at the Zuzenean offices. It undoubtedly demonstrates an effort to adapt to the needs and preferences of all young people. In addition, assistance is offered via WhatsApp to resolve questions, which brings this program even closer to the youth community of Euskadi.

Documentation and compatibility with other aids

In addition, The application process requires the presentation of documents that verify compliance with the requirements, such as the rental or sale contract and the corresponding proof of payment. It is important to highlight that this aid is compatible with other rental promotion measures and with the Income Guarantee Income. Which expands the spectrum of beneficiaries and further facilitates the transition to independence.

youth emancipation
Starting this February 20, young people who meet certain requirements can access a monthly aid of 300 euros

A step forward towards youth independence

The initiative of the Basque Government is an example of the importance given to youth within the strategic planning of the community. By providing direct financial support and facilitating access to housing, young people are being encouraged to take the step towards independent living. This program not only benefits the individuals directly involved. But it also has the potential to boost the real estate market and contribute to the economic development of Euskadi.

Ultimately, The aid for youth emancipation from the Basque Government is a window of opportunity for those young people in Bilbao and Bizkaia who dream of their own space. But they face economic obstacles. This initiative not only represents financial support but also a vote of confidence in the new generations. Offering them the tools to build their future with greater freedom and security.

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