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Alarming increase in cases of sexist violence in the Basque Country during 2023

In Euskadi, complaints of sexist violence increase by 6,2% in 2023

Jeickson Sulbaran

November 20, 2023 | 2:00 pm

Worrying evolution of gender violence

In a year marked by a worrying increase in cases of sexist violence en Euskadi, data collected until September 2023 reveal an alarming trend. They have registered 4.879 crimes linked to violence against women, which implies an increase in 6,2% compared to the same period of the previous year. This rise highlights the growing need for effective measures to combat this social scourge.

Higher incidence in Bizkaia

Bizkaia It stands out as the territory with the highest number of crimes and victims of sexist violence. The Data reflects an increase of 10% in both Bizkaia as in Álava, while in Gipuzkoa there is a slight decrease. These figures indicate significant differences in the incidence of this type of violence in the different territories of Euskadi.

Violence in the couple: Main form of aggression

La violence perpetrated by a partner or ex-partner represents the majority of complaints, with 3.569 cases until September 2023, marking an increase in 7,2%. Habitual physical abuse, insults, humiliation and injuries predominate, followed by crimes against freedom such as threats, coercion and harassment. This year, two women have been murdered in circumstances related to intimate partner violence.

Decrease in domestic violence

In contrast, there is a decrease in 3,5% in domestic violence, excluding that exercised by the partner or ex-partner, with 836 cases reported.

Increase in crimes against sexual freedom

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. crimes against sexual freedom have seen a significant increase of almost 20%, with 459 cases. Sexual assaults, in particular, have experienced alarming growth, quadrupling in number.

Law "only yes means yes": A determining factor

The Department of Safety attributes this increase, in part, to the implementation of the law "only yes means yes". The law has led to a notable increase in the reporting and registration of more serious sexual assaults.

Protection of victims: A comprehensive approach

Currently, 5.616 women in Euskadi They receive protection from the Ertzaintza, with 39 in a situation of extreme risk. Various protection strategies are used, including escorts, counter-surveillance and electronic tools such as the Bortxa application.

New strategic plan in 2024

La Ertzaintza is developing a "Strategic plan for comprehensive protection of women against sexist violence" for 2024. This plan seeks to improve the care and protection of female victims, contemplating an increase in personnel and resources dedicated to the evaluation and monitoring of cases, as well as cooperation with educational institutions to adapt police tools to the current social reality.

A constant challenge

The fight against sexist violence in Euskadi It is a constantly evolving challenge. The 2023 data show the need to continue strengthening protection and prevention measures, as well as promoting greater social awareness to eradicate this problem.

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