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Anti-drug operation in Getxo with 3 arrests

Ertzaintza arrests two men for trafficking in a hotel establishment in Getxo

Jesus Carames

April 20, 2024 | 8:50 p.m.

The Ertzaintza has carried out a successful operation in a bar in Getxo, known for repeating illegal activities, resulting in the arrest of three individuals and the confiscation of significant quantities of drugs and cash.

Last Friday, the town of Getxo was the scene of a rigorous anti-drug operation that concluded with the arrest of two men, aged 51 and 37, and a 27-year-old woman. The hotel establishment, already known to the authorities for similar incidents, was once again became the focus of an investigation that culminated in the discovery of three kilos of cocaine, an undetermined amount of hashish and 25.000 euros in cash.

Discovery and arrests

The operation, which began its first investigations at the end of last year, intensified after several drug seizures from clients who frequented the establishment. The strategic intervention of the Ertzaintza made it possible to discover a hidden compartment above the door of a warehouse, where illicit substances were stored along with a precision scale, used for the distribution of drugs.

The investigation took a more serious turn in January 2024, when the bar owner and an employee were arrested for the second time. These actions are part of a continued effort by the drug unit of the Ertzainetxea of ​​Getxo, which has maintained constant monitoring of the establishment and its operators.

Impact and repercussions in Getxo

This case highlights the persistent problem of drug distribution in locations that, despite being points of community socialization, become centers of criminal activities. The bar's recurrence of drug trafficking issues highlights the need for stricter surveillance and regulation in hospitality establishments.

The operation not only dealt a blow to drug trafficking in Getxo, but also served to send a clear message about the consequences of facilitating or covering up these illicit networks. The collaboration between different security forces and the application of advanced investigation techniques were key to the success of the intervention.

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