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Sopuerta juvenile center armored with police

Minor protection center support

Jesus Carames

April 16, 2024 | 7:46 a.m.

The new center for minors in Sopuerta began operating this week in the midst of a tense and expectant atmosphere. Located in an old palace, whose entrance is painted with the word 'Ez' —'no' in Basque—, the center now houses around twenty minors. Despite the doors of the venue remain open Allowing young people to enter and leave freely, the police presence has become a daily constant, reflecting the unrest and concern that overwhelms the local community.

Community context and neighborhood reactions in Sopuerta

Since the center opened, the residents of Sopuerta have expressed their concern due to the perception of insecurity and the notable lack of adequate infrastructure to manage the needs of minors. “We feel fear and uncertainty,” says a resident who prefers to remain anonymous. "We are not against helping those who need it, but the municipality is not equipped with the necessary services to adequately care for these kids."

Challenges and opportunities for minors

The Sopuerta center represents both a challenge and an opportunity for the region. On the one hand, the inclusion of these young people could energize the local community with new initiatives and integration programs. On the other hand, the lack of preparation and resources could aggravate pre-existing tensions.

Police presence and security

The decision to maintain a fixed police presence has been justified by the authorities as a preventive measure to protect both minors and the residents of the town. "Safety is our top priority," says the local police spokesperson. "We want to ensure that the integration of these young people into our community goes without incident."

Calls to Action

The residents of Sopuerta and groups defending the rights of minors have called on the authorities to increase the necessary resources and support. They propose the creation of educational and leisure programs that facilitate the social and cultural integration of minors, as well as the strengthening of mental health and social assistance services in the municipality.

As the days go by, all eyes are on how this complex situation will unfold. The success or failure of the Sopuerta center could set an important precedent for the management of similar centers in other parts of the country. For now, the local community remains vigilant, waiting for the promises of security and integration to materialize in concrete events that dispel their fears.

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