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Arrested in Sestao for theft of money and jewelry from a home in Barakaldo

Arrested in Sestao for theft of money and jewelry from a home in Barakaldo

Jeickson Sulbaran

May 23, 2024 | 1:00 p.m.

Two men arrested after robbing a home in Barakaldo and tempting another

In a shocking case that has shook the community of Bizkaia, Two 41-year-old men were arrested in Sestao for their involvement in the theft of money and jewelry from a home in Barakaldo.. As well as for the attempted robbery at another residence. According to the Basque Security Department, the arrests were made last Tuesday. Thanks to the collaboration between agents of the Sestao Police Station and the Territorial Criminal Investigation Service of Bizkaia.

El robbery took place at the end of last April in the Lutxana neighborhood of Barakaldo. The situation became critical when a family member, who was inside the home at the time of the incident, unexpectedly encountered an intruder. For fear of suffering any harm, he decided to take refuge in the bathroom and alerted other family members of what was happening.

In a matter of minutes, the intruder left the house after having searched the entire house, taking money and some jewelry with him. Several eyewitnesses saw two people leave the portal, one of them was carrying an object covered with a blanket.. Subsequently, both individuals got into a vehicle in which a third person was waiting for them, thus facilitating their escape.

Hen/Stag Ertzaintza patrols did not take long to arrive at the scene after receiving the notice of the robbery.. Once there, they gathered all possible information about what happened and the perpetrators of the crime. During the investigation, it was discovered that they had also tried to rob another home in the same building, forcing the lock although without being able to access the interior.

Arrested in Sestao for theft of money and jewelry from a home in Barakaldo

A joint operation that reveals the criminal background and methods of those detained

Hen/Stag joint investigations carried out by agents from the Sestao Police Station and the Territorial Criminal Investigation Service of Bizkaia allowed the identification of the alleged perpetrators of the robbery. The precise identification and coordinated work culminated in the arrest of the two individuals early Tuesday afternoon in Sestao. Accused of a crime of robbery with force in an inhabited dwelling.

Upon arriving at the police station, it was verified that both detainees already had police records for similar crimes. Furthermore, it was discovered that last April, a few days before the robbery in Barakaldo. Both men had been identified in Bilbao with tools commonly used to pick locks, which were seized from them.

This case underscores the importance of rapid response and efficient coordination among security forces to solve crimes and bring those responsible to justice. The community of Bizkaia can feel safer knowing that the Ertzaintza continues to work tirelessly to protect its citizens and maintain order in the region.

The arrest of these individuals not only puts an end to a series of robberies that worried the community. But it also sends a clear message to those who think about committing criminal acts: justice will prevail and the guilty will be caught. Citizen collaboration and police diligence were key in this case, demonstrating once again that security is a joint task that involves the entire society.

Reflections on security and citizen collaboration

The prompt action of the Ertzaintza and the effective coordination between the different police units have been crucial to the resolution of this case. The arrest of these two men not only puts an end to their criminal activities. But it also restores peace of mind to the affected families and the community in general.

Citizen collaboration, The testimony of the witnesses and the immediate intervention of the security forces have been determining factors in the resolution of this case. The community of Bizkaia can trust that the Ertzaintza will continue working with the same commitment and dedication to guarantee the safety of all its citizens.

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