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BIND 4.0 Bizkaia: Global epicenter of innovation with 777 startups from 76 nations

777 global startups join the Basque Government's BIND 4.0.

Jeickson Sulbaran

October 2, 2023 | 3:00 p.m.

The Basque Government program marks a milestone

BIND 4.0, basque platform of open innovation, has closed its doors for registration for its eighth edition with an unprecedented record: 777 startups from 76 nations. It is the largest group of applicants in its entire history, evidencing the growing relevance of this initiative in the global entrepreneurship landscape.

Prominence: Sustainability and digital transformation

The interest in sustainable technologies stands out this year. A resounding 50% of startup proposals are oriented towards the creation of a efficient and environmentally friendly industry. These initiatives seek to mitigate the environmental impact and reduce CO2 emissions. At the same time, 43% focus on digitalization, optimizing internal processes and a notable percentage points to traceability and monitoring solutions.

La Artificial Intelligence (AI) It stands as one of the main technologies at stake, with 25% of startups betting on it. This is followed, in relevance, by IoT, Big Data, immersive technologies, robotics and additive manufacturing.

application sectors

The range of sectors where these startups can apply their solutions is varied: smart industry (60%), clean energy and sustainability (43%), health (23%) and food (21%). This diversity reflects the versatility and adaptability of the registered proposals.

BIND 4.0: The focus of the main global hubs

The international dimension of BIND 4.0 is undeniable. Startups from global innovation nerve centers, such as Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Israel and the United States, see this program as a golden opportunity to expand and consolidate their proposals in the Basque industrial field.

It is crucial to highlight that more than 80% of the candidates are international. Of them, Europe leads with 50%, followed by America with 19% and Asia with 13,5%. This edition marks a milestone with the first participation of Australian startups.

Local presence and upward trajectory

Despite the marked international character, one should not ignore the local participation. Basque startups represent 4,5% of the total, distributed between Gipuzkoa, Bizkaia and Álava.

BIND 4.0 is no stranger to success. After eight editions, it has established itself as a reference in the industrial digitalization, facilitating synergy between large companies and revolutionary startups. Its model has proven to be effective, with more than 200 accelerated startups and projects that exceed the 7,7 millones de euros in billing.


In summary, BIND 4.0 strengthens its position as the epicenter of technological and sustainable entrepreneurship. This edition, with its record number of registrations, only corroborates the vitality and potential of the program. The industry, globally, is attentive to what BIND 4.0 and its participants will offer in the near future.

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