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Busturialdea Urdaibai demands improvements in public transportation

Municipal leaders of Busturialdea-Urdaibai come together to improve public transportation.

Jeickson Sulbaran

November 13, 2023 | 7:40 pm

A Joint Initiative for Sustainable Mobility

sustainable mobility has become a topic of Vital importance in the Busturialdea-Urdaibai area. The mayors of eleven municipalities in this region have joined forces to present a comprehensive proposal to the Deputation of Bizkaia, seeking to significantly improve the public transport service. This collaboration represents an effort to Improve Life Quality y promote sustainable development in the region.

Local Needs and Challenges

The municipalities of Ajangiz, Arratzu, Ea, Elantxobe, Ereño, Gautegiz Arteaga, Ibarrangelu, Kortezubi, Mendata, Nabarniz and Sukarrieta, each with its particularities, share a common problem: an insufficient public transport service. This situation affects negatively daily life of its inhabitants and limits access to essential services.

Transportation as a Key Factor in Quality of Life

Public transportation is not just a means of transportation; it's a crucial factor for quality of life in these communities. An efficient and accessible service can improve considerably the lives of citizens, facilitating access to education, health and employment.

Towards Sustainable Mobility

The mayors emphasize the need to reduce dependency on private vehicles. Promoting sustainable mobility is not only beneficial for the environment, but also contributes to social and economic well-being of the municipalities.

Social Infrastructures and Population Maintenance

One of the main goals is to provide municipalities with adequate social infrastructure, which allow citizens to remain in their hometowns. Mobility plays a crucial role in this aspect, being determining factor to maintain and consolidate the population in rural or less populated areas.

The Importance of Frequency and Accessibility

The mayors highlight that the frequency and accessibility They are fundamental aspects to respond to mobility needs. Many areas suffer from a lack of services during weekends and in remote neighborhoods, making it necessary substantial improvements in these aspects.

Public Transport and Sustainable Tourism

Public transportation is seen as an essential means of promote sustainable tourism. This includes facilitating access to natural spaces, thus reducing vehicle crowding and protecting the region's natural heritage.

Conclusions and Future Perspectives

Municipal representatives trust that their demands will be met positively. Its objectives are aligned with the Strategy 2027 of the Bizkaia Denontzat Legislature Plan, suggesting a promising path toward improvement of public transport in the Busturialdea-Urdaibai region.

In summary, this initiative represents a significant step towards modernization and sustainability of public transport, with the potential to positively impact the quality of life of the citizens of Busturialdea-Urdaibai. The collaboration between municipalities demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainable development and the continuous improvement of essential public services.

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