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CC Ballonti evicted over bomb threat

Jesus Carames

June 22, 2024 | 5:37 pm

Chaos and evacuation in Portugalete

La Ertzaintza has carried out the evacuation of the Ballonti shopping center in Portugalete after receiving a bomb warning. According to the Security Department of the Basque Government, the alarm was activated around 15:30 p.m. when an anonymous call alerted about the possible presence of an explosive device in the facilities. Immediately, all the people who were in the center were evacuated, generating moments of tension and confusion.

Through the public address system, those responsible for the shopping center informed visitors to leave the building "for technical reasons." According to a witness, no further details were provided at the time, just that people were asked to leave quickly and get away from the scene.

emergency operation

The bomb warning caused a situation of great nervousness among those present. A witness reported that the authorities told them that they could not use their vehicles and should move as far away from the shopping center as possible. "They told us that we couldn't take the cars and that we had to get as far away as possible," added another witness, describing the scene of chaos that occurred at that time.

The shopping center, which was full of people, many of them having lunch at the various restaurants, was quickly evacuated. Numerous patrols from the Ertzaintza, the Municipal Police, ambulances and firefighters went to the scene to manage the emergency. The firefighters recommended that the population not approach the center's entrances and follow the instructions of the emergency services.

Review and safety

After the eviction, traffic in the area was cut off and the shopping center was completely cordoned off. The agents of the Ertzaintza They began a thorough review of the place, inspecting every corner, including the gas station trash cans and the different floors of the parking lot, in search of the alleged explosive device. «No one has told us what is happening. “They just tell us to get as far away as we can,” commented one witness, reflecting the lack of immediate information that contributed to the anxiety of those present.

So far, no device has been found and the situation remains under surveillance. tense calm while inspections continue. Authorities have asked citizens to avoid approaching the area and follow the guidelines of emergency services to ensure their safety.

The rapid response and deployment of security forces has been crucial to managing this potential threat, demonstrating the ability to react to emergency situations in the Basque Country. The incident in Ballonti underlines the importance of surveillance and coordination between different security forces to protect the population in risk scenarios.

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