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Civil guards injured in shooting during seizure of cache in the Guadalquivir

Mairenis Gomez

May 23, 2024 | 3:30 p.m.

The bravery of the Civil Guard in the face of danger in anti-drug operations

practice as civil guard implies constant exposure to danger, a fact that society often overlooks. The recent operation at the mouth of the Guadalquivir not only highlighted the skill and bravery of our officers, but also the significant risks they face daily. During this operation, several of our agents were brutally attacked with military weapons when intercepting a significant drug stash.

Start of the confrontation: an ambush in the dark

The operation began after the detection, through the Comprehensive External Surveillance System (SIVE), of a boat that was sailing suspiciously near the mouth of the river. Around 03:20 a.m., a team from the Civil Guard, together with support from the National Police of Sanlúcar, organized an interception device. However, what awaited the agents on the ground was an ambush.

A tactical deployment under crossfire

Upon touching land, the suspicious vessel was quickly boarded by Civil Guard personnel. At that moment, the agents were received with automatic shots from weapons of war.. The shooting resulted in several injured officers, demonstrating the danger and high risk of these operations. Despite the attack, the civil guards managed to repel the aggression and secure the area, demonstrating extraordinary courage and professionalism.

Results of the operation: a hard blow to drug trafficking

The balance of the operation was significant, nine detainees and the seizure of 2.500 kilograms of hashish distributed in 77 bales, in addition to four all-terrain vehicles used to transport the drugs. This success not only highlights the effectiveness of our security forces in the fight against drug trafficking, but also the serious danger that our agents face in each mission.

Night operation in Guadalquivir reveals the high risk of being a civil guard

Recognition of the work of the Civil Guard

Without a doubt, this incident should serve as a reminder to society about the courage and sacrifice of the members of the Civil Guard. Each operation they carry out is a step forward in protecting our community against organized crime networks. The next time the work of these professionals is questioned, let us remember the night at the mouth of the Guadalquivir, where bravery shone in the most threatening darkness.

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