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Crisis in Renfe Cercanías Bilbao: Suppression of 200 trains in one week

Jesus Carames

May 2, 2024 | 3:51 p.m.

Management problems at Renfe-Bizkaia trigger massive cancellations and affect thousands of travelers

The recent news about the suppression of at least 200 trains on Bilbao Cercanías lines C1, C2 and C3 during the next seven days has caused alarm among users and revealed serious deficiencies in the management of human resources by the Management of Renfe in the Basque Country. According to the Renfe-Bizkaia works council, this situation results from a hasty compensation for excess hours accumulated in 2023, carried out hastily in just four months.

An announced conflict and a questioned management

The machinist workforce, although complete, faces significant challenges. Two months ago, the works council had already anticipated problems and sought to dialogue with the Public Service Management of the Basque Country to find preventive solutions. However, their proposals were ignored, and they were told that the strategy to compensate for overtime had already been "duly analyzed."

The irony of this crisis is that it occurs at a time when the workforce of train drivers has never been larger. This paradox underlines the lack of effective management and adequate planning by Renfe authorities, leaving passengers and workers in a complicated and frustrating situation.

In addition to the cancellations, the works council has also denounced an attack that occurred on April 29 at the Zabalburu station, highlighting the lack of adequate security measures in trains and stations, a problem that, according to them, has historically been ignored by the authorities.

This series of events not only affects the daily mobility of thousands of passengers, but also damages confidence in Bilbao's public transport system, fundamental for the daily lives of citizens. While travelers suffer the consequences of these administrative deficiencies, the call for action and responsibility on the part of Renfe becomes increasingly urgent in search of solutions that restore the efficient and safe service that citizens deserve.

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