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Dirty game of "ertzainas in fight" against the rest of the unions

Miguel Castillo

June 19, 2023 | 10:00 a.m.

In the always hectic trade union world, the Ertzaintza is no exception. The Erne, Esan and Sipe unions accuse the 'Ertzainas en lucha' platform of "counterprogram" their mobilizations, in a gesture that they consider an obstruction maneuver towards their demands.

Parallel Mobilizations

The Ertzaintza Union Action Unit, made up of the ErNE, Esan and Sipe unions, has registered mobilizations for June 27, in front of the Lehendakaritza headquarters in Vitoria. The purpose of these demonstrations is to "update and improve" the working conditions of the ertzainas.

However, the surprise came when the leaders of 'Ertzainas en lucha' announced, the same afternoon, the organization of a caravan of vehicles for the same date, in an act that the unions of the Union Action Unit interpret as a intentional counterprogramming.

Warnings and Calls to Unity

The tensions have not been long in coming. The ErNE, Esan and Sipe unions warn that neither the attempts to hinder their concentrations nor the immobility of the Department of Security they will stop them in their fight to improve the conditions of the ertzainas. "Enough of facing the ertzainas, the only adversary is the [Security] Department," they say in their statement.

Likewise, they have urged the Security Councilor of the Basque Government, Josu Erkoreka, to "sit down to negotiate", and have extended an invitation to ELA-Ertzaintza, EKOS, EBE, EAE, Euspel and 'Ertzainas en lucha' to support the mobilization of the June 27th.

Internal and External Conflicts

The conflict between the ErNE, Esan and Sipe unions with the 'Ertzainas en lucha' platform highlights the internal tensions that exist within the trade union movement of the Ertzaintza. However, all parties seem to agree on one point: the need to improve the working conditions of the ertzainas.

This disagreement adds to the already existing fight against the Department of Security, and threatens to generate a fracture within the collective. Only time will tell if these groups will be able to unite in favor of the ertzainas' demands or if, on the contrary, the internal conflicts will end up weakening the union movement.

This episode reminds us that, in union struggles, as in any other type of collective struggle, the unity is essential. And in times of internal strife, it's more important than ever to remember who the real adversary is.

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