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Disappointment for EH Bildu: It fails to lead in votes or seats

Disappointment for EH Bildu Does Not Manage to Lead in Votes or Seats

Jeickson Sulbaran

April 22, 2024 | 9:30 a.m.

EH Bildu fails to surpass the PNV in votes or seats in the last regional elections

Despite reaching the highest number of votes of its history in the recent regional elections, EH Bildu has not managed to unseat the PNV as the force with the most votes or in number of seats, maintaining a tie of 27 parliamentarians with the jeltzales. The nationalist party, which has been the leading force in Gipuzkoa and Araba, has seen its hopes of leading Basque politics diluted in the face of a PNV that has strongly resisted the attacks of competition, consolidating its position as a political leader in Euskadi. .

EH Bildu threw everything into this electoral contest, hoping to confirm a profound sociopolitical change in the Basque Country. Although they have managed to increase their parliamentary representation and their number of votes considerably, election night has not left the sweet taste they expected. Instead, the PNV has managed to maintain its leadership, demonstrating not only its roots but also its ability to maintain its electoral base at key moments. Furthermore, the possible continuation of the coalition government with the PSE, which has also seen its seats increase, strengthens the position of the jeltzales and highlights the difficulty of EH Bildu in becoming the main political force in the region.

EH Bildu's campaign was marked by an attempt to moderate its message

Focusing more on autonomy and less on independence, a reflection of the priorities of Basque citizens according to the latest sociological studies. However, this adjustment was not enough to overcome the PNV, which, in addition to demonstrating notable political resilience, continues to have solid support that has been reaffirmed in these elections.

Disappointment for EH Bildu Does Not Manage to Lead in Votes or Seats (2)

The context of the elections has been complex, with several events that could have influenced the electoral campaign, such as Holy Week, significant sporting events and the loss of important political figures. However, EH Bildu's ability to capture attention and mobilize its electorate has been evident, although not enough to change the balance of power in the Basque Parliament.

Election night left several clear lessons. The first is that, although EH Bildu has grown in support and representation, the PNV continues to be a formidable political force in Euskadi.. The second is that the coalition between PNV and PSE is emerging as a stable alliance that could continue to lead the Basque government. This suggests that, while EH Bildu has made significant progress, it still faces major challenges in establishing itself as the main political force in the region.

Furthermore, the controversy sparked by comments from members of EH Bildu on ETA's past has had a limited impact at the regional level, although it has caused a stir at the national level. This indicates that, although important, these controversies have not been decisive in the electoral behavior of the nationalist base, which seems more focused on the party's current proposals than on its historical positions.

In the regional elections in the Basque Country have reflected a political landscape in which EH Bildu has made significant progress but still insufficient to surpass the PNV. This scenario raises questions about the future strategy of both parties and how they can influence Basque and Spanish politics in the coming years. With the most sovereignist Parliament in history, EH Bildu's call to action suggests that the battle for political influence in Euskadi is far from over.

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