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EH Bildu and PNV tie in the 2024 Basque elections

Jesus Carames

April 21, 2024 | 8:02 p.m.

Technical tie between PNV and EH Bildu in the Basque elections according to the latest survey, the PNV wins over 35% of votes

In an electoral turn that could alter the political landscape in the Basque Country, the latest survey conducted by Gizaker for EITB anticipates a technical tie between the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) and EH Bildu. Both parties are in the range of 26-28 seats, according to projected data, which indicates a scenario of high competition and possible post-electoral uncertainty.

Electoral context and composition of Parliament

The PSE-EE would remain a significant force with an estimate of 10-12 seats, while the Popular Party would obtain 7 representatives, maintaining a stable presence in the Basque Parliament. Left-wing parties such as Podemos and Sumar would show more modest results, with 1-2 seats and 0-2 seats respectively. Vox, for its part, would not achieve representation according to this survey.

The Eusko Legebiltzarra, or Basque Parliament, is made up of 75 parliamentarians divided equally between the three provinces of the Basque Country: Álava, Vizcaya and Guipúzcoa. To achieve an absolute majority, any coalition or party needs to obtain at least 38 seats, a threshold that neither the PNV nor EH Bildu would reach individually according to current data, suggesting the possibility of post-electoral pacts or coalitions.

Political implications of the tie

This tie between the two largest nationalist forces reflects not only regional political polarization, but also the potential change of leadership in the Basque government. Equality in seats poses a challenge both for the PNV, which could see its hegemonic position compromised, and for EH Bildu, which is increasingly establishing itself as an alternative government.

Furthermore, the role of the PSE-EE and the PP will be crucial in the formation of a possible majority, where their seats could be decisive in supporting the formation of a government or leading the opposition. The minor presence of parties such as Podemos and Sumar, and the absence of Vox, once again underlines the uniqueness of the Basque political spectrum, where national dynamics have a particular and differentiated reflection.

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