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Eh Bildu launches advanced industrial proposal

Maria Jose Gonzalez

April 15, 2024 | 6:14 p.m.

EH Bildu has launched a bold proposal to transform Euskadi's industrial policy by focusing on decarbonization and digitalization, announced Mikel Otero, its spokesperson on environmental issues and candidate for Álava. During an event in Álava, Otero presented an ambitious plan that aims to adapt the Basque industrial base to the challenges of the immediate future, proposing a transition towards an industry that is not only greener and technologically advanced, but also socially responsible.

“The industry of the future will be digital, decarbonized and circular,” said Otero, underscoring the need for the industry to run on renewable energy and maximize the reuse of materials. This vision requires a radical change in the current industrial policy, which according to Otero, suffers from "sloppiness and lack of strategic vision" on the part of the current government.

The new law proposed by EH Bildu seeks to guarantee that the Basque industry is firmly rooted in the territory, promoting the creation of a significant strategic fund that could exceed 1.000 billion euros. This fund would be intended to support industrialization with high added value and promote intensive research and development.

In addition to funding, the plan includes measures to improve working conditions within the industrial sector, ensuring living wages and fair working conditions, thus aligning industrial policy with the fight against climate change and social justice.

Gorka Ortiz de Ginea, another EH Bildu candidate, has proposed a profound reform of Sprilur, the Basque public industrial land entity, to transform it into an agency specialized in the acquisition and rehabilitation of degraded industrial land. The objective is to decontaminate and reuse these lands for new industrial activities, thus promoting a more circular and sustainable economy.

EH Bildu also emphasizes the need for public leadership in industrial reform, a point on which Iker Casanova, spokesperson at the General Meetings of Bizkaia, has especially insisted. Casanova criticized the current government's management, citing the decline of key industries and the loss of influence in strategic companies such as Gamesa and Euskaltel. According to him, these trends can be reversed only through a robust and future-oriented industrial policy.

The debate on this new industrial policy proposal promises to be intense, with EH Bildu positioning itself as a key actor in redefining the industrial landscape of Euskadi. The coalition hopes its plan will not only revitalize the regional economy, but also set new standards in terms of environmental sustainability and social equity in the industrial sector.

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