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EH Bildu proposes a minimum pension of €1.080

EH Bildu proposes a minimum pension of €1.080 in Gipuzkoa

Jeickson Sulbaran

December 14, 2023 | 2:20 pm

In a decisive session of the General Meetings of Gipuzkoa, EH Bildu has presented a bold proposal: guarantee a minimum pension of 1.080 euros. This movement, which seeks to improve the quality of life of pensioners in the region, has sparked an intense debate between political parties. The proposal, supported by the Pensioners Movement of Euskal Herria, has generated a crossroads of opinions and political strategies.

Despite the opposition of the PNV and PSE, the resolution has gone ahead thanks to the unexpected support of Podemos and, surprisingly, the PP. This result highlights the complexity of the political landscape in Gipuzkoa and reflects the importance of issues related to social well-being.

Implications and debates around the minimum pension proposal

La EH Bildu proposal It not only seeks to increase the minimum pension, but also raises questions about sustainability and equity in the pension system. Increase the minimum pension of 1.080 euros It is a significant step towards improving the living conditions of many senior citizens, but it also entails economic and political challenges.

The approval of this proposal with the support of traditionally opposed parties demonstrates the relevance of the issue and the need to address the concerns of pensioners. The debate around this measure reflects the urgency of finding fair and viable solutions to ensure a dignified future for the elderly in Euskadi.

The future of pensions in the Basque Country: a topic of general interest

The decision of the General Meetings of Gipuzkoa marks a crucial moment in the region's pension policy. The EH Bildu proposal and its approval with a varied coalition of votes highlights the importance of social welfare policies in the current context.

Looking to the future, it is essential that the Basque Government and political actors work together to address the challenges and opportunities presented by this new pension policy. The guarantee of a minimum pension of 1.080 euros is not only a matter of social justice, but also an indication of the economic health and solidarity of Basque society.

In summary, the proposal of a minimum pension of 1.080 euros in Gipuzkoa opens a new chapter in the social policy of Euskadi. This debate not only concerns pensioners, but affects the entire community, underlining the need for a balanced and sustainable approach to pension management.

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