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EH Bildu requests inspection reports from Profersa after incidents in Zorrotza

Bilbao municipal groups support the relocation of Sader and Profersa

Jesus Carames

May 19, 2024 | 8:45 a.m.

EH Bild has requested from the Parliament of Gasteiz the minutes of the inspections carried out on the company Profersa, located in the Bilbao neighborhood of Zorrotza. This request arises as a result of several incidents that have occurred in recent weeks, which have generated alarm among neighborhood associations and other groups. These groups demand that both Profersa, dedicated to the production of fertilizers, and Sader, which treats industrial waste, leave the urban area.

Recent incidents and precautionary measures: Lakua's response to the problems at Profersa

Last Saturday, a chemical reaction at the Profersa factory generated a cloud of smoke that led emergency services to recommend that the population close doors and windows and remain in their homes. This was not the first incident at the company; On April 26, another reaction during the manufacturing process caused a column of steam in the facilities, although this event did not cause injuries or material damage.

As a result of these incidents, the Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment of Lakua ordered the precautionary stoppage of Profersa's activity last Wednesday. The company must implement the necessary measures to avoid the repetition of these problems before resuming operations.

Neighborhood alert and unanswered questions: community concerns about safety and the environment

Neighbors' concern has not diminished. This Friday, the Sader-Profersa Kampora neighborhood platform warned about high levels of ammonia detected by a private individual's air quality measuring equipment. In addition, they questioned Lakua about how it was possible for smoke to come out of a Profersa chimney if, in theory, the plant was not in operation.

These concerns led the EH Bildu parliamentarian, Mikel Otero, to register a request for information in the Autonomous Chamber. In his request, he requests the minutes of the inspections carried out on Profersa, as well as a copy of the precautionary closure order and the complete case files. Otero also demands detailed information about what happened, seeking greater transparency and accountability on the part of the authorities and the company involved.

The importance of transparency and responsibility in the management of industrial companies in urban areas

The incidents at Profersa have highlighted the importance of transparency and responsibility in the management of industrial companies located in urban areas. The safety of the population and the protection of the environment must be priorities in any industrial activity. Pressure from neighborhood groups and the intervention of political parties such as EH Bildu are essential to ensure that appropriate measures are taken and future incidents are avoided.

The response of the Lakua Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment, while significant, needs to be accompanied by continued vigilance and clear communication with the community. Zorrotza residents deserve to know that all necessary precautions are being taken to protect their health and their environment.

In conclusion, the recent incidents at the Profersa company have generated a firm response from the authorities and active mobilization of the community. EH Bildu's request to obtain inspection reports and other related documents is a step towards greater transparency and accountability. This case highlights the need for a careful balance between industrial development and the protection of citizens' well-being, underscoring the importance of supervision and regulation in the management of industrial enterprises in urban areas.

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