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EH Bildu warns about democracy in Euskadi with the arrival of Pradales

Mairenis Gomez

June 20, 2024 | 8:00 a.m.

The coalition proposes a new status that includes the right to decide and highlights Arkaitz Rodríguez as a leader in this matter

The EH Bildu coalition has presented its roadmap for the new Basque legislature with a forceful warning about the quality of democracy parliamentarian in Euskadi. With the unprecedented situation of having the same number of seats as the PNV, 27 in total, EH Bildu feels that its "very good results" guarantee them to be the main force of the opposition. Pello Otxandiano, a key figure in this strategy, will undergo the investiture this Thursday although without real possibilities of becoming lehendakari. His objective is to make visible an alternative model to that of Imanol Pradales and to warn about the "roller" that he foresees between nationalists and socialists.

The need for a new self-government status that includes the right to self-determination and EH Bildu's warning about the democratic risk

Otxandiano has highlighted the urgency of addressing a new status of self-government that contemplates the right to decide. In a meeting with the media in Vitoria, he pointed out that Euskadi cannot be governed with absolute majorities or with coalitions without a clear diagnosis and a solid project. "We must give way to another relationship with the opposition and another parliamentary dynamic," he insisted. He criticized that the government agreement between PNV and PSE-EE was made without formal consultations with EH Bildu, accusing the alliance of being more of an "end in itself" than a true programmatic agreement.

EH Bildu considers references to the 'Ibarretxe plan' and the Loiola pacts essential for a new statutory reform

EH Bildu, in its strategy for this legislature, highlights the importance of historical references such as the 'Ibarretxe plan' and the Loiola pacts during the 2006 negotiations. Otxandiano has made it clear that any new statutory agreement must include EH Bildu, warning that excluding the second nationalist force would break the current political dynamic. According to Otxandiano, the reform of the statute cannot be only cosmetic; It must analyze the relationship with the State and articulate the right to decide to avoid jurisdictional interference.

The coalition proposes a new status that includes the right to decide and highlights Arkaitz Rodríguez as a leader in this matter

EH Bildu's strategy in parliament and the figure of Arkaitz Rodríguez as negotiating leader

It will be the president of Sortu, Arkaitz Rodríguez, who will lead the EH Bildu team in the negotiations on the reform of the self-government framework. Otxandiano will lead the group in the Chamber and define its strategy, while Nerea Kortajarena will serve as spokesperson on a day-to-day basis.

Without a doubt, this formation will keep Rebeka Ubera, Mikel Otero and Julen Arzuaga in key positions to control the Government, but it will also give prominence to new additions such as Edurne Benito del Valle and Lamia Arcas. «Pradales must be given a hundred days, but our job will be to supervise and pressure the Government. "Those are the rules of the game," explained Otxandiano about the role that the coalition will have in the next four years.

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