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Enkartazioak Bizirik seeks to transform Encartaciones and promote sustainable development in Bizkaia

Miguel Castillo

May 5, 2023 | 1:30 p.m.

The neighborhood platform presents its candidacy for the next elections to the General Meetings of Bizkaia

Enkartazioak Bizirik is a neighborhood platform that aspires to change the course of the Encartaciones region in Bizkaia, which they describe as "dismembered, impoverished, deceived and subjected." Its main objective is recover the territory and promote sustainable development in the region, guaranteeing social justice and respect for forests and natural resources.

Candidature with representatives of the entire region

The Enkartazioak Bizirik list for the next elections to the General Meetings of Bizkaia has representatives of different municipalities of Encartaciones. Among them, people who have worked in the culture and dissemination of the region stand out, as well as those with experience in Boards or town halls. The head of the list will be Txomin Etxebarria, author of more than one hundred books on the history and culture of the region.

Union of collectives and cultural agents

This is the first time that various collectives and cultural agents come together in Encartaciones to present a political platform. Enkartazioak Bizirik considers it an achievement to have been established with the sole objective of put an end to the deterioration, abandonment and misrepresentation of the history of the region, as well as the ninguneo by parties and institutions.

Historical debt of Bizkaia with Encartaciones

The platform maintains that Bizkaia has a historical debt with Encartaciones, since the region has contributed more than six million tons per year and has represented more than 30% of the Provincial Council budget. However, they affirm that neologisms have been created to divide and fragment the region, as well as "poisoned" projects that hide the historical name of Encartaciones.

Act of brotherhood and elections

On May 21, Enkartazioak Bizirik will hold a act of brotherhood in Pobeña, Muskiz, to transmit his message to the inhabitants of the region. From Gordexola to Santurtzi and from Lanestosa to Barakaldo, they hope that in the next elections to General Meetings, citizens will elect their representatives to fight for sustainable and fair development in Encartaciones.

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