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Environmentalists oppose the Guggenheim Urdaibai

Environmentalists oppose the Guggenheim Urdaibai

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 13, 2024 | 8:30 a.m.

The environmentalist fight against the project in the biosphere reserve

Every year since 2005, Ecologists in Action awards a total of 48 badges in different points of the coast of the Spanish State. This year, the Guggenheim project in the Urdaibai biosphere reserve has once again been recognized with the Black Flag for pollution, as well as the tuna macro farm that will soon be installed in Getaria. The island of Santa Clara (San Sebastián) and the Lamiako Marsh have received the Black Flag for poor management.

The controversial Guggenheim project in Urdaibai receives the Black Flag by the Ecologistas en Acción platform, highlighting problems of pollution and environmental degradation, in addition to being singled out for several public ups and downs and controversial authorizations.

Environmentalists oppose the Guggenheim Urdaibai

The environmental platform has pointed out that “there have been several public ups and downs of Urdaibai's Guggenheim project. The General Directorate of Coasts has authorized the reduction of the easement from 100 meters to 20, facilitating the construction of the museum on the land where the Murueta Shipyards are currently located.

The installation of the tuna macro farm in Getaria: a new focus of environmental concern

On the other hand, they have warned that the installation of the Getaria macrofarm «of more than 300 hectares and with a depth of around 100 meters, "It will have a great impact on the area where it will be located, since it is very likely that this installation will be followed by others in the coming years, thus increasing the degradation of the marine environment of our coasts."

The Lamiako marsh: an example of mismanagement according to Ecologistas en Acción

Finally, they have awarded the Black Flag for "poor management" to the Leioa City Council for "not fully restoring the Lamiako marsh", and Costas and Port Authority for "allowing it."

The opposition to the Guggenheim project in Urdaibai and The installation of the tuna macro farm in Getaria represents a clear concern for the preservation of the natural environment in the region. These projects, although presented as economic and cultural advances, bring with them a significant environmental impact that cannot be ignored.

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