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Ertzaintza adds a new helicopter and prepares to hire another to renew its fleet

Ertzaintza adds a new helicopter and prepares to hire another to renew its fleet

Maria Jose Gonzalez

June 19, 2024 | 9:00 a.m.

The Iurreta police base hosts a new twin-engine helicopter ready for surveillance and rescue tasks

The acquisition of this twin-engine H135 T3H/P3H helicopter from the multinational AIRBUS is a significant advance for the Ertzaintza in its surveillance and security operations. This model, equipped with cutting-edge technology and capacity for five people, includes a rescue crane and advanced equipment for night flight and recording, standing out as an essential tool in critical situations.

A twin-engine helicopter for surveillance and rescue

This new helicopter represents a milestone for security in Bizkaia. With an investment of 9 million euros, the aircraft is equipped with state-of-the-art recording cameras, light sources for landing and search, and a TETRA communication system. These characteristics make it a key piece for mass events and emergency operations.

Ertzaintza adds a new helicopter and prepares to hire another to renew its fleet

The First Vice President and Security Advisor, Josu Erkoreka, highlighted the importance of this helicopter during the delivery at the Iurreta base, highlighting its crucial role in surveillance and rescue tasks. The ability of this aircraft to operate in night conditions and its rescue crane ensure a quick and efficient response in emergency situations.

Acquisition of a second helicopter to modernize the fleet

During the delivery ceremony, authorization was announced for the purchase of a second aircraft, with a budget of 9 million euros and a manufacturing period of 18 months. This decision underlines the commitment of the Basque Government to the modernization of the Ertzaintza fleet, thus guaranteeing optimal operational capacity.

The new helicopter will join the fleet in 2025, thus completing the total renewal of police aircraft. This process ensures that the Ertzaintza maintains a fleet equipped with the latest technologies and capabilities to face any challenge in its operations.

Surveillance and Rescue Unit: a highly qualified team

The Ertzaintza Surveillance and Rescue Unit, directed by Commissioner Sandra Ranea, has 133 specialized positions. The members of this unit have advanced training in various disciplines, including piloting manned and unmanned aircraft, diving, mountaineering and mechanics.

With 16 positions specialized in piloting, the aeronautical section of the Ertzaintza ensures a high level of preparation for its operations. The incorporation of these new aircraft will further strengthen the unit's response capacity, allowing more efficient and safe interventions.

The investment in these aircraft underlines the commitment of the Basque Government to the safety and well-being of the citizens of Bizkaia. The modernization of the Ertzaintza fleet not only improves operational efficiency, but also ensures that the Basque police are prepared for any emergency situation.

Security in Bizkaia: a constant priority

The incorporation of these helicopters into the Ertzaintza fleet is a clear example of the focus on security and emergency preparedness in Bizkaia. These investments reflect a continued commitment to modernization and efficiency, ensuring that the Basque police are equipped to protect and serve the community effectively.

The renewal of the Ertzaintza air fleet not only improves operational capabilities, but also provides the citizens of Bizkaia with greater peace of mind, knowing that they have a highly qualified and well-equipped team to respond to any emergency situation.

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