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Ertzaintza deactivates three artifacts from the Civil War in Urkiola

Ertzaintza Urkiola

Mairenis Gomez

February 19, 2024 | 7:52 p.m.

Safeguarding the security of the natural park

Last Saturday, the Ertzaintza Explosives Deactivation Unit carried out a crucial operation in the Urkiola Natural Park. During work by the Aranzadi Society on Mount Saibigain, located in Urkiola and belonging to the municipality of Abadiño, three artifacts related to the Civil War were discovered. This discovery was reported by Aranzadi staff around 15:00 p.m. during a routine survey. The artifacts found included a howitzer and two grenades, all presumably remnants of the Civil War.

Fast and precise intervention

Ertzaintza specialists quickly moved to the place of discovery, within the Urkiola Natural Park. Once there, they carried out a controlled detonation of the discovered military devices. Among the deactivated elements was a 75 mm artillery projectile. and two model 31 or Polish hand grenades, along with a grenade starter of the same model.

The meticulous work and precision of the Explosive Disposal Unit is essential in situations like this. The rapid response and ability to safely neutralize these devices reflect the high level of training and experience of the Ertzaintza agents.

Safeguarding the security of the Natural Park

The location of these artifacts within the Urkiola Natural Park posed a potential risk to the safety of visitors and the ecosystem in general. The timely intervention of the Ertzaintza ensured that these dangers were effectively neutralized, thus guaranteeing the safety of the area and those who enjoy it.

Urkiola Natural Park, with its stunning natural beauty and ecological importance, is a popular destination for outdoor lovers and hikers. Removal of these historical artifacts helps preserve the integrity of the park and to maintain it as a safe place for everyone to enjoy.

Importance of collaborative work

The discovery and subsequent neutralization of Civil War artifacts in Urkiola highlight the importance of collaborative work between institutions and organizations. The rapid communication between the Aranzadi Society and the Ertzaintza allowed an efficient response and the safe resolution of the situation.

In addition, This incident highlights the continued need to be alert for the presence of explosive devices in historically troubled areas. Although decades have passed since the end of the Civil War. There are still latent risks that require attention and action by the competent authorities.

Ertzaintza Urkiola
Among the deactivated elements was a 75 mm artillery projectile.

Continued commitment to community safety and well-being

The neutralization of the three Civil War artifacts in the Urkiola Natural Park is a vivid reminder of the persistent challenges that we face in managing the remains of past conflicts. The prompt response of the Ertzaintza and its ability to safely deactivate these devices. Demonstrate continued commitment to protecting the safety and well-being of the community

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