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Euskotren reinforces the tram service in Bilbao for the Women's Champions League final in San Mamés

Euskotren reinforces the tram service in Bilbao for the Women's Champions League final in San Mamés

Jeickson Sulbaran

May 23, 2024 | 10:30 a.m.

Euskotren will implement reinforcements in the tram service on May 25

Next Saturday, May 25, Bilbao will experience a special day with the Women's Champions League final between FC Barcelona and Olympique Lyonnais at the iconic San Mamés stadium. To ensure that all fans can move comfortably and without setbacks, Euskotren has decided reinforce the city tram service.

El Basque operator Euskotren has reported that additional services will be implemented on the tram between Bolueta and La Casilla, ensuring that fans can arrive at the event on time. The tram will operate on its usual schedule, with some specific reinforcements that will depart from Pío Baroja to Hospital at 16:55 p.m. and 17:43 p.m. This measure has as its main objective facilitate access to the San Mamés stadium and avoid the crowds that are expected due to the large influx of public.

Special services and partial cuts for better mobility

Once the match has concluded, a partial cut of the tram service will be implemented between the La Casilla and Euskalduna stops. This cut will last approximately 50 minutes and is designed to efficiently manage the flow of people who return to their destinations. To avoid the typical crowds at the stops near San Mamés, Euskotren recommends that fans go to the Euskalduna stop to begin their return trips. This recommendation seeks not only the comfort of users, but also maintain order and security at all times.

The Women's Champions League final is not only a major sporting event, but also a celebration of equality and the advancement of women's football. The fact that it is held in Bilbao highlights the importance of the city in the European sports scene. San Mamés, known as "The Cathedral of Football", will be the stage where these two elite teams face each other, and fans from all over Europe are expected to come to the city to support their teams.

Preparations and recommendations for attendees

In addition to the reinforcement of the tram service, it is crucial that attendees plan their day in advance. Fans are advised to use public transport to reach the stadium, as The streets around San Mamés will be very busy and traffic restrictions are likely. Using the tram is not only a comfortable option, but also a sustainable way to contribute to the reduction of traffic and CO2 emissions in the city.

El Basque Government and Bilbao City Council have been working closely with Euskotren to coordinate these efforts and ensure everything runs smoothly. Attendees' safety and comfort are top priorities, and every detail has been meticulously planned to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

The Women's Champions League final is an opportunity for Bilbao to shine on the international stage, showing not only its passion for football, but also its ability to organize large events efficiently and safely. With the collaboration of everyone involved, from local authorities to transport operators, it is hoped that this event will be remembered as a success both on and off the field.

In the reinforcement of the tram service by Euskotren It is a welcome measure that will facilitate the travel of thousands of fans. With the recommendation to go to the Euskalduna stop for the return, it is hoped to minimize crowding and ensure that everyone can enjoy a day of sports without setbacks. See you in San Mamés for an unforgettable final!

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