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Financial aid in the Basque Country for children of victims of sexist violence

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Laura Rangel Ybarra

August 21, 2023 | 12:16 pm

New aid for orphans of victims of sexist violence

El Basque government take concrete steps to support minors affected by crimes of gender violence, introducing significant economic aid. The Basque Government has decided to allocate 5.700 euros per year orphaned children of fatal victims of sexist violence. This measure is established with the purpose of contributing to the reparation of the damage suffered by these young people, considering their situation of special vulnerability.

Details of the approved decree

The decree, promoted by the Directorate of Social Services of the Basque Government, establishes that the beneficiaries are the biological children, adopted children or minors under the guardianship of the deceased women. These minors must have been under the legal age at the time of the death of their mother or guardian, caused by acts of sexist violence.

The forms of violence contemplated in the decree not only include acts committed by partners or ex-partners, but also other types of feminicides as sexual, social or intrafamilial.

Impact of aid and conditions

The amount of aid will be equal to 80% of the Multiple Effects Public Income Indicator (IPREM), being fixed at 5.760 euros for the year 2023. It will be considered until the beneficiary reaches the age of majority, or up to 25 years of age if he or she presents any disability, dependency or if you are doing regulated studies.

Lide Amilibia, Vice Minister of Social Policies, points out that these measures emerge from the recognition of sons and daughters as direct victims of male violence. The initiative's main objective is to reinforce support and assistance to these minors, understanding their situation of vulnerability.

Poster in Bilbao against gender violence

Project creation process

The preparation of this project has included several procedures, such as the consultation carried out in November 2022 and the start order approved in May 2023. Now, after its publication, it must go through other procedures such as the hearing and public information phase and its approval in Governing Council.

Budget and projections

The Department of Equality, Justice and Social Policies has calculated a budget of 450.000 euros by 2023. This figure may increase, since it is a subjective right and could be adapted according to the needs.

In conclusion, these measures taken by the Basque Government seek to provide significant economic support to minors affected by sexist violence, recognizing their particular situation and seeking to guarantee them a more stable future.

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