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Floods in Bizkaia become more complicated

Euskadi faces overflowing rivers and roads under water after heavy rains

Jeickson Sulbaran

February 27, 2024 | 12:00 p.m.

The last few hours have witnessed how nature can transform the landscape of Euskadi abruptly and defiantly, The intense rains that have hit the region have not only left postcards of rivers overflowing beyond their natural channels but also flooded roads., which has complicated the daily life of its inhabitants. Faced with this scenario, The response of the emergency services has been quick and effective, demonstrating strength and preparation in the face of climatic adversities.

Since the beginning of this meteorological episode, The firefighters of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia have been at the forefront, carrying out multiple interventions ranging from the removal or pruning of fallen trees to the sanitation of buildings affected by wind and rain. These actions have been crucial to prevent situations of greater risk for the population and maintain local infrastructure in the best possible conditions in the face of rising water.

The situation of rivers and roads in the spotlight

El overflowing of rivers such as the Batán in Álava and the complicated situation of the Zadorra have revealed the vulnerability of certain areas to extreme natural phenomena. Although preventive measures have been taken, the unpredictable nature of these situations requires constant vigilance and a rapid and coordinated response from all emergency services involved.

The closure of Álava ports and caution on roads affected by snow or ice add another layer of complexity to the management of this crisis. Driver safety and accessibility guarantee to all areas are priorities that are handled with special care at this time.

Towards recovery and preparation for the future

Euskadi faces floods and road closures after heavy rains

Looking forward, The challenge not only lies in overcoming the immediate consequences of the rains and overflows but also in preparing for future events of this nature. The activation of the Special Emergency Plan for Flood Risk in Euskadi It is a step in the right direction, by establishing a framework for action that allows us to anticipate possible emergencies and minimize their impacts.

In this context, citizen collaboration is essential. Being informed, following the recommendations of the authorities and participating in prevention are key aspects that can make a difference in critical moments.

Euskadi has demonstrated once again its ability to face adversity, thanks to the commitment and professionalism of its emergency services and the spirit of resilience of its people, although the rains will subside, the work to recover normality is just beginning, with an eye toward reinforcing prevention and preparation measures for the future.

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