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Galdakao two arrested for sexual assault on minors

Galdakao, two arrested for sexual assault on minors on alert

Jeickson Sulbaran

February 15, 2024 | 1:31 p.m.

In an event that has shaken the community of Galdakao, in Bizkaia, the Ertzaintza has arrested two men accused of serious crimes of sexual assault on minors. This news, beyond its immediate impact, reflects a deep social problem and a call for attention about the safety and protection of minors in our society. The arrests, as a result of operation "Musikari", highlight the importance of surveillance and prevention in cases of child sexual abuse.

The events, which date back to 2023, involve two adults who allegedly offered gifts to minors in exchange for having sexual relations. The victims, all minors, were involved in a situation of manipulation and abuse, which raises serious questions about protection measures and the well-being of young people in our community.

The nature and scope of operation «Musikari»

Galdakao, two arrested for sexual assault on minors on alert

Police investigations, initiated by the Head of Criminal Investigation and Judicial Police of the Ertzaintza, revealed a disturbing pattern of behavior on the part of the accused. This meticulously carried out operation underscores the constant efforts of law enforcement to safeguard the most vulnerable in our society. The discovery that the victims were minors and received gifts in exchange for sexual favors is particularly alarming and demands a strong and determined response from the community and authorities.

The arrest of the suspects, ages 37 and 21, not only represents a step towards justice for the victims of sexual assault on minors, It also serves as a crucial reminder that child sexual exploitation can occur anywhere and requires our constant vigilance.

The crucial role of the community and the protection of minors to avoid sexual assault

In addition to the arrests, investigations revealed that on some occasions, the victims were forced to witness sexual acts. These findings are a call to awareness about the need to protect minors not only physically, but also psychologically. The Galdakao community, and society in general, must take proactive measures to educate and protect young people against this type of abuse.

The importance of reporting in these cases is fundamental. Not only to bring the guilty to justice, but also to help victims find the support and reparation they need. The Ertzaintza has called on the community for anyone with relevant information or who has been a victim to come forward and collaborate with the investigation.

This case has brought to light the stark reality that child sexual abuse can occur anywhere, even in communities that are perceived as safe. It has highlighted the need to always be vigilant and educate both parents and children about the dangers of abuse and how to prevent it.

Operation “Musikari” is a somber reminder that the fight against child sexual abuse requires the constant vigilance and cooperation of the entire society.. Galdakao, shaken by these events, now faces the challenge of recovering and moving forward, ensuring that her children are protected and that those responsible for these heinous crimes face justice.

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