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General Meetings reject EH Bildu proposal to reactivate Barakaldo-Erandio boat service

Mairenis Gomez

April 30, 2024 | 4:30 p.m.

General Councils reject EH Bildu proposal for

Dismissal of a crucial initiative for river connectivity

The General Meetings of Bizkaia, with a predominance of representatives of the PNV and PSE, have turned their backs on an initiative presented by EH Bildu. This proposal sought to promote the recovery of the river transport service known as "Gasolino" between the towns of Barakaldo and Erandio. El Gasolino, an emblematic boat in the area, ceased operations on February 9 due to financial difficulties, leaving the inhabitants of both towns without this important river connection.

Rejection of the proposal

EH Bildu's proposal, which urged the Provincial Council of Bizkaia to draw up a strategy for the reactivation of the Gasoline service, was rejected by the majority in the Transport, Mobility and Tourism Commission of the General Meetings. The pro-independence coalition raised the possibility of integrating the boat service into the public transportation network as a viable solution. However, this option did not find the necessary support among the members of the commission.

Unsuccessful alternatives

In addition to integration into public transportation, EH Bildu proposed taking advantage of the Gasolino boats for tourist, leisure, outreach and training activities. This idea, presented by the representative Rakel Goñi, sought not only to reactivate the boat service, but also to boost tourism in the area and generate additional income to support other local economic activities. However, this alternative did not obtain the necessary support for its implementation either.

The rejection of this proposal leaves the authorities and the local community in search of alternative solutions to cover this transportation need and take advantage of the area's tourism potential. Gasoline, in addition to being a vital means of transportation for many residents, also represented an opportunity for the economic and tourist development of the area.

The General Meetings of Bizkaia, where PNV and PSE have a majority, have rejected an initiative from EH Bildu

A call for collaboration and innovation

Given this situation, it is crucial that creative and viable alternatives be sought to reactivate the transportation service between Barakaldo and Erandio. Integration into the public transport network remains an option to consider, but the logistical and financial challenges that this entails must be addressed. Likewise, EH Bildu's proposal to use the Gasolino boats for tourist and leisure activities could be an opportunity to revitalize the area and generate additional income.

Ultimately, The rejection of EH Bildu's proposal to reactivate the boat service between Barakaldo and Erandio highlights the need to find innovative and effective solutions to meet mobility needs and promote economic development in the region. It is important that local authorities and relevant actors work together to find a sustainable solution that benefits the entire community.

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