July 16, 2024 | 2:47


Getxo begins the call to aspire to a VPO in Sarrikobaso


Mairenis Gomez

April 3, 2024 | 3:55 p.m.

The opening of the application period for officially protected housing in Sarrikobaso marks a milestone for the inhabitants of Getxo

From the heart of Algorta, an opportunity opens up for those looking for a home, Sarrikobaso's VPOs await. In this corner of our dear town of Getxo, The atmosphere is charged with expectation and hope. Starting today, and until the 19th, the deadline to submit applications for these 68 Official Protection Housing rentals opens.. But what does this mean for you, for me, and for our community?

A closer look at Sarrikobaso and its VPOs

We are talking about homes that not only seek to offer a roof over their heads, but also build community and guarantee accessibility. With three of the floors adapted for people with reduced mobility and a distribution that includes one-bedroom homes Even those of three, Sarrikobaso promises to be a new lung for Algorta. However, it is crucial to understand who is eligible for these homes and under what conditions.

Clear and fair requirements to access Sarrikobaso VPOs

The bases for aspiring to one of these homes are clear, be registered in Getxo for at least one year without interruptions, or three years in the last five, and meet a specific income range. In addition, families must not exceed six members and must not own real estate. Although it may seem like a lot, these conditions seek to guarantee the fair distribution of these homes among those who need them most.

How will the homes be distributed?

The promise of Sarrikobaso does not end with its construction. A significant portion of housing is reserved for young people under 36 years of age and those with special housing needs.. This approach demonstrates a commitment not only to the present, but to the future of our community, seeking to offer opportunities to those who are beginning to build their lives and those who face particular challenges.

A golden opportunity to access a home in advantageous conditions.

More than homes: a commitment to inclusion and the future of Getxo

This process is not simply a housing assignment; is a testament to Getxo's commitment to inclusion and support for its citizens. By opening the doors of Sarrikobaso, they are not only offering roofs, but the promise of homes where families can grow, dream and build a future together.

As an inhabitant of this wonderful town, I can't help but feel excited and hopeful about what this means. The possibility of a home is not just a dream for many; It is the foundation of a dignified and full life. Sarrikobaso represents an opportunity, a step forward in the construction of a more fair, inclusive and supportive community.

And in this process, each of us plays a vital role. Not only by meeting the requirements or filling out forms, but by being part of that community that welcomes, supports and grows. May the story of Sarrikobaso be one of success, inclusion and hope, a reflection of the values ​​that make us great as a community.

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