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Impressive rise of UPV/EHU researchers in world ranking

Jesus Carames

October 26, 2023 | 8:51 am

The academic and scientific world has once again turned its eyes to the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), and the prestigious Stanford University has placed 167 of its researchers among the most influential and cited worldwide. We talk about a notable rise, since the institution has climbed 17 positions compared to last year.

A Recognition of Excellence

Excellence and commitment These are words that resonate strongly when we talk about the UPV/EHU. The rector, Eva Ferreira, is clear about this and does not hesitate to highlight the high standard of excellence maintained by the university's research community. And it is no wonder, appearing in this classification is not an easy task.

How is influence measured?

Stanford University is responsible for preparing an annual classification that includes the names of the 2% of most cited researchers in scientific publications. There is no place for mediocrity here, only the best, those whose work resonates and is used as a reference in the global scientific arena, have a place on this list.

The 167 UPV/EHU researchers have excelled in more than 40 areas of knowledge, demonstrating that diversity and depth are two intrinsic characteristics of the research carried out at this university.

Diversity as a Flag

If something is clear when analyzing the presence of the UPV/EHU in this ranking, it is that diversity and quality go hand in hand. From Neurology to Psycholinguistics, including Chemistry and Sports Sciences, UPV/EHU researchers have left their mark on a wide spectrum of disciplines.

Researchers Lighting the Way

Names like Alexei Verkhratsky, Slawomir J. Grabowski and David Mecerreyes resonate strongly. They, along with other prominent colleagues, have become beacons of knowledge, guiding the global scientific community with their research and publications.

What does this mean for the UPV/EHU? It is not only a recognition of the hard work and dedication of these professionals, but also a confirmation that the Basque public university is a melting pot of knowledge, innovation and excellence.

Looking To The Future

This achievement is not the end of the road, but rather a boost, one more reason to continue researching, exploring and contributing to the vast world of knowledge. The UPV/EHU has shown that it is on a par with the great world institutions, and now the challenge is to maintain itself and continue climbing positions.


The UPV/EHU today celebrates, is proud and, above all, is motivated to move forward. The 167 researchers recognized by Stanford University are living proof that, when it comes to science and research, the Basque Country has a lot to say and contribute. Excellence is not a coincidence, it is the result of work, dedication and passion to discover and understand the world around us. The UPV/EHU has not only raised its name, but has also reaffirmed its commitment to science and quality education. Congratulations to the entire UPV/EHU community!

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