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Indefinite strike in Euskadi's health transport begins this Monday

Indefinite strike in Euskadi's health transport begins this Monday

Jeickson Sulbaran

February 19, 2024 | 9:03 a.m.

La decision of healthcare transport workers in Euskadi to start an indefinite strike this Monday marks a crucial point in their fight for better working conditions. This mobilization, supported by unions such as ELA, LSB-USO, LAB, UGT, CCOO and ESK, underlines the urgency of addressing their demands for homologation with Osakidetza staff and recovery of the loss of purchasing power, estimated at 17% during the two years of negotiation of the agreement. This situation not only affects workers, but also has a significant impact on the quality of health service in the region.

The background of the strike: a fight for equity and labor dignity

The strike is not just an act of protest, it is a cry for equity and recognition. Health transport workers, a fundamental piece in the Basque health system, have expressed their discontent at what they consider a lack of recognition of their essential work. The comparison of their conditions with those of the Osakidetza staff not only reveals differences in economic terms, but also in the recognition and appreciation of their work.

The lack of progress in the negotiations of the agreement, which has been in process for a year, is a reflection of the existing tension between workers and subcontracted companies, as well as the need for more active intervention by the Department of Health. The strike, therefore, is an extreme measure to draw attention to a situation that, if not resolved, could affect the quality of the medical transportation service, vital for the community's health system.

Demonstrations and actions as a call to social conscience

An indefinite strike begins this Monday in healthcare transport in the Basque Country

The decision to concentrate on Hospital de basurto and march towards the headquarters of the Basque government It is a symbolic act, but also an effective strategy to make your cause visible. The demonstrations are a call to social conscience and to the authorities to take the situation of these workers seriously. In a sector as vital as healthcare, a strike is not only a labor issue, but also a public health issue.

Furthermore, the strike highlights the importance of constructive dialogue and negotiation in resolving labor disputes. Inaction and blockages in negotiations not only harm workers, but they also put the efficiency and effectiveness of the health system at risk. It is essential that the parties involved find common ground to move towards a solution that benefits everyone, especially the citizens who depend on these essential services.

La indefinite strike of medical transport in Euskadi is a clear indicator of the urgent need to address the labor and economic demands of these workers. It is not just a question of wages and working conditions; It is a matter of recognition and appreciation of their essential role in society. The impact of this strike will be felt not only in the health sector, but throughout the community, underscoring the importance of a health system that works efficiently for the well-being of all.

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