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Indefinite strike will affect the ambulance service from February

Indefinite strike will affect the ambulance service, starting in February

Maria Jose Gonzalez

February 11, 2024 | 11:52 a.m.

The summons of indefinite strike in the ambulance service sector of Euskadi, announced for February 19, poses a complex scenario in emergency services. This situation is the result of a long process of negotiations between the unions LSB-USO, LAB, UGT, CCOO and ESK, and the companies in the sector, which until now have not reached a satisfactory agreement. The medical transport workers demand approval with the Osakidetza staff and a recovery of their purchasing power, which, according to them, has decreased by 17% during the two years of negotiation of the agreement.

The decision to go on strike has not been taken lightly, rLet us remember that ambulance service personnel plays a crucial role in the health system, especially evident during the pandemic. They have been on the front lines, ensuring the safe and efficient transfer of patients at critical times. However, the blockage in the agreement negotiations and what the unions describe as the "little will" of the companies and the "inaction" of the Department of Health, have led to this turning point.

The demands of health transport workers, beyond the salary aspect

Indefinite strike will affect the ambulance service from February

Importantly demands on the strike of ambulance service workers they go beyond a salary increase. It is also about a search for decent and fair working conditions. The companies' current proposals, focused on non-consolidable pay and a modest reduction in working hours, are very far from satisfying union demands, which include aspects such as leaves, family conciliation and professional career.

These demands reflect a broader need for recognition and appreciation of the work these professionals do. During the pandemic, medical transportation was considered an essential service, and now, workers seek that this recognition translates into concrete improvements in their working conditions.

The indefinite strike in the ambulance service not only affects the workers and companies involved

It also has a direct impact on the community. The ambulance service is a critical link in the emergency medical care chain, and its efficient operation is vital to the safety and well-being of the population. Therefore, this situation requires an urgent and equitable solution that addresses both the needs of workers and those of the health system as a whole.

The strike announced in the Basque ambulance service sector is a clear call to action to resolve a prolonged situation of disagreements and discontent. The solution to this conflict is essential not only for workers and companies., but also to guarantee the continuity of an essential service for the health and safety of the population in Euskadi.

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