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Iturgaiz does not return to Euskadi and finds a chair in Madrid

Iturgaiz does not return to Euskadi

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 14, 2024 | 10:30 a.m.

Carlos Iturgaiz's career now extends to Genoa, working in the Public Liberties Secretariat of the PP

Carlos Iturgaiz, former president of the PP in Euskadi, has joined the Secretariat of Public Liberties in Genoa, within the Institutional area led by Esteban González Pons. This incorporation marks a new chapter in Iturgaiz's political career, who has been a prominent figure on the political scene Basque for years.

After ceding the leadership of the Basque PP to Javier de Andrés on November 4, Iturgaiz was part of the PP's European candidacy in the elections to the European Parliament on June 9. Although he occupied the 24th position, the PP obtained only 22 seats, leaving Iturgaiz without a seat in Brussels. However, if any MEP resigns, he could take their place.

A new role at the national headquarters of the PP in Madrid for the experienced Carlos Iturgaiz, known for his political career in the Basque Country

In his new position, Iturgaiz will work under Esteban González Pons, contributing his vast political experience. Iturgaiz has been president of the Basque PP in two periods: 1996-2004 and 2020-2023, the latter after the departure of Alfonso Alonso due to disagreements with the PP+CS coalition. Additionally, he has served as an MEP twice, from 2004 to 2014 and from 2014 to 2019.

Iturgaiz does not return to Euskadi

Carlos Iturgaiz began his political career as a councilor at Bilbao City Hall. His connection with former minister Jaime Mayor Oreja was crucial, succeeding him as leader of the Basque PP in its first stage. This change of direction, moving from Basque politics to a more focused role in the national structure of the PP, reflects his adaptability and commitment to the party.

Iturgaiz, with a long political career, faces new challenges in the PP Public Liberties Secretariat

This move underlines Iturgaiz's continued relevance in Spanish politics, now from a broader perspective at the Genoa headquarters. His experience will be vital for the Institutional area of ​​the PP, especially in the Secretariat of Public Liberties, where their knowledge and skills can be used to the maximum.

With this addition, the PP reinforces its team with a veteran figure, known for his firmness and leadership capacity in complex situations. Iturgaiz will continue to be an influential voice within the party, contributing his vision and experience at the national level.

The arrival of Carlos Iturgaiz to the national headquarters of the PP in Madrid not only represents a new challenge for him, but also an opportunity for the party to strengthen its structure with an experienced and respected figure. This strategic decision underlines the importance of maintaining and harnessing political talent within the party, ensuring that experienced leaders continue to contribute significantly to its development and success at the national level.

This incorporation is a clear example of how The PP values ​​the experience and trajectory of its members, integrating them into key roles to continue advancing and strengthening its presence in the Spanish political landscape. With Iturgaiz in Genoa, the PP not only gains a valuable member, but also a crucial strategic resource for its future.

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