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Lanbide launches Konektalan digital community to attract business talent

Lanbide launches Konektalan, a digital community to attract business talent

Maria Jose Gonzalez

February 17, 2024 | 9:34 p.m.

Lanbide has taken a significant step in its mission to connect young people in search of job opportunities with the Basque business fabric, the creation of Konektalan, an innovative digital community, is not only a response to the current need for employment, but also an effort to adapt to the digital age and its demands. In a context where young talent is a crucial resource, Konektalan emerges as a key tool to retain and attract that talent to Basque companies.

Lanbide's initiative, which has the support and collaboration of multiple entities, from clusters and chambers of commerce to universities and training centers, represents a synergy between the public and private sectors, This alliance is fundamental to understanding the scope and importance of Konektalan. It is not just another employment portal, but an ecosystem designed to promote the professional growth of young people and, at the same time, respond to the specific needs of Basque companies.

Konektalan: More than a platform, a bridge between young talent and companies in Lanbide

Lanbide launches Konektalan, a digital community to attract business talent

In this interconnected world, the key to business success lies largely in the ability to adapt and evolve. Konektalan at Lanbide not only facilitates this process, but drives it, offering companies direct access to a group of talented and motivated young people. This two-way approach allows young people to find opportunities that align with their skills and career aspirations, while companies can identify and attract candidates who best fit their specific requirements.

The design of Konektalan as a digital community reflects a deep understanding of current trends in the world of work. Digitalization and globalization have transformed the way we seek and offer employment, and Konektalan is in tune with these changes. This platform is not only a response to the demand for work, but also a recognition of the importance of technology and innovation in the contemporary world of work.

A comprehensive response to the challenges of the labor market in Euskadi

Beyond being a mere connection tool, Konektalan at Lanbide is presented as a comprehensive solution to several challenges in the labor market. The platform not only focuses on young people looking for employment, but also considers the elderly threatened with expulsion from the labor market, women in masculinized sectors and vice versa, and the need for training in digital skills and professionalization in various fields. .

Konektalan's vision at Lanbide is in line with the needs of a constantly evolving labor market. In an era where flexibility and adaptation are essential, this platform offers a path towards modernization and inclusion in the workplace. The objective is clear: to create an environment where both young people and companies can grow and prosper together, benefiting not only individuals and companies, but also the Basque economy as a whole.

Lanbide, through Konektalan, is marking a milestone in the world of employment and professional development. This initiative is not only a significant advance for the Basque Employment Service, but also for the entire business and labor community of Euskadi. With this tool, Lanbide is not only responding to current needs, but is also preparing the ground for a more connected, more digital and more inclusive future.

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