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Higher fines for not picking up dog poop

Maria Jose Gonzalez

June 14, 2024 | 6:30 pm

Sanctions and municipal powers

Eudel has made available to Basque town councils a new ordinance that specifies and develops the municipal powers regarding the protection of animal rights and welfare. This regulation establishes sanctions that range from 100 euros to 3.000 euros for minor infractions, such as not collecting feces and not cleaning urine, and can reach up to 100.000 euros in the case of very serious infractions, such as mistreating or mutilating animals. animals.

As reported by the Association of Basque Municipalities, this ordinance, approved by the Executive Commission, is the result of a year and a half of work by a technical group made up of city councils from the three territories. The document consists of a total of 47 articles, which include specific provisions on potentially dangerous animals.

The new ordinance is a recommendation and can be adapted to the specific reality of each municipality, as determined by their respective city councils.

Scope and exclusions

The scope of application of the ordinance focuses on the Pets, mainly dogs, cats and ferrets, as well as auxiliary animals (sheepdogs, rescue dogs) and exotics. Hunting, fishing and livestock animals, pest control, the trade and sale of animals, zoos, bullfighting and public shows or recreational activities with pets are excluded from this regulation, as they are subject to their own regulations. regulations and are the responsibility of other administrations.

This new regulatory document updates the ordinance in force since 2006, also prepared by Eudel, and exhaustively develops municipal responsibilities. The new powers of the town councils include the management of feline colonies and the control of community cats, as well as the provision of a municipal or concerted center for the temporary custody of animals collected on public roads.

Eudel's objectives and statements

The president of Eudel and mayor of Derio, Esther Apraiz, explained that "municipalities are responsible for regulating public space, also as an environment for coexistence between people and pets." Apraiz has highlighted that the ordinance is a common tool for Basque town councils to control and promote the care and well-being of animals in their municipalities, guaranteeing public health and safety and avoiding neighborhood conflicts.

According to Apraiz, the municipal ordinance represents a qualitative leap by including the concept of animal welfare, recognizing them as "sentient" living beings. "This ordinance establishes the obligations and prohibitions that must govern responsible ownership, based on consideration and respect, in order to avoid intolerable behavior in an advanced society, such as abuse or abandonment," he stated.

With this new ordinance, Eudel seeks to ensure that Pets receive appropriate treatment and that their well-being is respected, at the same time promoting harmonious coexistence between people and animals in the public spaces of the Basque municipalities.

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