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Mecaner receives the support of the industrial fabric of Bizkaia

Jesus Carames

April 16, 2024 | 7:00 p.m.

At a critical moment for the Basque industry, the workers of mechanic, a historic die-cutting factory located in the industrial heart of Bizkaia, are facing the imminent threat of closing their plant. This Tuesday, in a demonstration through the streets of Bilbao, they not only had the support of their colleagues, but also the massive support of more than 100 union delegates from 55 local companies, united under the flags of LAB, ESK, and CCOO .

Industrial context and union support

Mecaner, which has tried without success to convert itself towards a more sustainable and ecological model, is now at the crossroads of a closure without clear justifications by its owner, the Stellantis group. The lack of intervention by public administrations has been noted as "especially serious" by the unions, highlighting that Mecaner is not just a company, but a "good example of the future of the Basque industry."

Mecaner's mobilization and demands

The demonstration of support for Mecaner has served to make visible the solidarity of the Biscayan industrial sector and to demand a tripartite meeting between Stellantis, the works council, and the Basque Government—a request consistently ignored by the company. The works council has placed its hope in the meeting scheduled for Thursday, anticipating that it could be the beginning of a constructive dialogue about the future of the plant and its employees.

The search for solutions

The ideal scenario for workers would be to find an investor who is willing to take over the plant, thus guaranteeing the continuity of jobs and industrial operation. However, so far, no such investor has emerged, and time is running out as the workforce has already gone on an indefinite strike.

The role of administrations

The demand for a change of attitude on the part of the Basque administrations is a cry among the delegates of the supporting companies. They underline the need for an active industrial policy that not only defends general economic interests but also protects the rights and jobs of the local community against the decisions of multinationals.

Mecaner's situation reflects a critical moment of transition in the Basque industrial sector, a moment that requires a clear and strategic vision about the future of the industry and employment in the region. The resolution of this conflict could set important precedents for how industrial challenges are managed in the region, especially at a time where adaptation to cleaner and more sustainable technologies is crucial.

This Thursday could be a decisive day for Mecaner workers and for the industrial future of Bizkaia. The community hopes that the meeting will lead to fair and sustainable solutions that safeguard jobs and promote a renewed and responsible industrial model.

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