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Mining area and Encartaciones demand that Solaria reconsider the high voltage route

Communities from the Mining Zone and Encartaciones demand that Solaria reconsider the high voltage route

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 7, 2024 | 12:18 pm

Representatives of the PNV ask Solaria to rethink its high voltage line in Álava, seeking to reduce the effects on the affected municipalities

This morning, the representatives of the PNV in Zona Minera and Encartaciones They have made an urgent call to Solaria. They are worried for the layout of a high voltage line that will cross its municipalities without providing direct benefits to these communities. The mayors have expressed their discontent from the historic esplanade of the Concha mine in Gallarta.

According to the PNV, this line will significantly affect municipalities such as Abanto-Zierbena, Zierbena, Ortuella, Güeñes, Galdames and Godexola. Localities will suffer the consequences of an infrastructure that will not provide clean energy to its residents. Iñaki Urrutia, mayor of Abanto-Zierbena, has led the protest, highlighting the lack of compensation for the affected municipalities. It is difficult to defend a project that does not offer clear benefits to local communities, Urrutia stated.

Initiatives to mitigate the impact

Although the project is in its initial stages, the mayors and mayorsThey have begun to prepare allegations. Its objective is to reduce the possible effects that the high voltage line could cause in its locations. Municipal representatives are determined to protect the interests of their citizens and minimize the impact of this infrastructure.

Communities from the Mining Zone and Encartaciones demand that Solaria reconsider the high voltage route

The lack of detailed information about the project has generated uncertainty and concern. The Jeltzal councilors have insisted on the need for transparency and dialogue with Solaria to find solutions that benefit all parties involved. Our duty is to ensure the quality of life of our neighbors, Urrutia highlighted.

Commitment to local communities

The mayors of the PNV have reiterated their commitment to defend the interests of local communities against projects that could negatively affect their environment. Today's protest in Gallarta is a clear example of their determination and unity in the defense of their municipalities.

In addition to presenting allegations, municipal representatives have requested a meeting with Solaria to discuss alternatives to the current route. They want the company to consider options that reduce the effects and offer adequate compensation to the impacted municipalities.

We will not allow our communities to be ignored in the development process of this project, Urrutia concluded. The fight for a balance between energy development and the well-being of local communities continues, and PNV representatives are prepared to lead it firmly.

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