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New bidegorri connects Barakaldo and Bilbao improving sustainable mobility

Jesus Carames

April 14, 2023 | 8:00 a.m.

The 1,7 kilometer route joins Lutxana, Burtzeña and Zorroza

The bike lane that connects Barakaldo with Bilbao, specifically, the neighborhoods of Lutxana and Burtzeña with the Bilbao neighborhood of Zorroza. The layout, financed by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, has been carried out by the Town Halls of both cities.

Bike lane features

The bike lane has 1,4 kilometers of route in Barakaldo and 1,7 kilometers in total. This bidegorri is segregated from motorized traffic and pedestrian traffic, with a separation band of 0,3-0,5 meters between the cycling platform and the road.

The route begins next to the Zorroza sports center and connects with the Olabeaga-Zorroza bike lane on Clara Campoamor street, to later join the N-634 platform.

Reduction of lanes and adaptation of space

On the N-634 highway, the number of lanes for motorized traffic has been reduced, changing to one lane in the Barakaldo direction and maintaining the current two lanes towards Bilbao.

Once in Barakaldo, the bidegorri leaves the platform of the N-634 and runs along Zumalakarregi street. Here, it has been reduced to one lane for traffic, keeping parking spaces and pedestrian sidewalks.

Side changes and connection with other cycle paths

In a section of 500 meters, the cycle path changes to the left bank of the road to avoid interfering with a bus stop, access to garages and street crossings.

Next to the Serralta Park, the bidegorri connects with the Dársena de Portu cycle path, which further expands the options for sustainable mobility in the area.

This new bike lane layout encourages the use of the bicycle as an ecological and healthy means of transport in the connection between Barakaldo and Bilbao, contributing to greater sustainability and a better quality of life in both municipalities.

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