July 21, 2024 | 12:28


New calendar of strikes shakes up the panorama in the sports centers of Bizkaia


Mairenis Gomez

April 9, 2024 | 4:10 p.m.

The ELA union has launched a new call for strike that will affect the sports centers of Bizkaia

The community of Bizkaia faces a new challenge with the announcement of more days of strike in their sports centers. I live in Bizkaia and, like many of us, the news that the sports center workers have decided to call new days of strike has hit me closely. This movement is the result of a series of negotiations that do not seem to move forward, leaving more than 2.000 employees in job uncertainty. The ELA union has been the spokesperson of this growing unrest, highlighting that, after months of fruitless dialogue and the expiration of the agreement on December 31, the situation has become dangerously stagnant.

Patience is running out and the mobilizations are intensifying.

It's hard not to feel the tension in the air. Since December, we have witnessed how the mobilizations have been increasing, going from a whisper of discontent to a clamor that is impossible to ignore. The dates marked on the calendar, between April 10 and 13, and later from April 15 to 16 and from May 7 to 10, these are not just days in which services will be affected; They are a cry for help from a sector that feels forgotten.

In addition, On April 10, the mobilizations will take on a broader aspect, extending to the regions and focusing on key points such as the La Casilla sports center in Bilbao., among others. The protest will not only be felt in sports facilities, but also in front of City Halls, places that should be bastions of dialogue and solutions.

This conflict transcends the limits of sports centers

Furthermore, the current situation is a reflection of a deeper problem that affects several labor sectors. The lack of results in the negotiations and the prolongation of these processes only exacerbate discontent. It is a reminder that behind every service we take for granted, there are people fighting for decent working conditions.

More than 2.000 people, who make it possible for us to enjoy first-class sports facilities every day

Beyond Exercise: a Call for solidarity and dialogue

Undoubtedly, Sports centers are more than just places to exercise; They are community centers that promote well-being and unity. The interruption of these services not only affects those who directly participate in the mobilizations, but also all of us, the citizens of Bizkaia.

The call is not to look the other way. Solidarity and understanding are crucial in times like this. It is essential that the parties involved find common ground and work towards a solution that benefits everyone. As a member of this community, I hope that we can soon overcome this impasse and that the sports centers of Bizkaia will once again be places of meeting and not of conflict. The situation requires our attention and empathy, now more than ever.

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