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New coalition government on the way, PNV and PSE-EE sign agreement today

New coalition government on the way, PNV and PSE-EE sign agreement today

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 19, 2024 | 10:06 a.m.

The programmatic agreement includes priorities in health, energy transition, decent employment and youth

El PNV and the PSE-EE sign today the agreement that formalizes the new Basque coalition Government. This pact, as in previous legislatures, is made official on the second floor of the Basque Chamber, at a special table. The ceremony will be led by Imanol Pradales, PNV candidate for lehendakari, along with the leaders of both parties: Andoni Ortuzar y Eneko Andueza. Later, they will hold a press conference to detail the details of the agreement.

New coalition government on the way, PNV and PSE-EE sign agreement today

The document, of more than 100 pages, details the lines of work for the next four years. The health is a priority, reflecting the agreement between both parties on the importance of osakidetza. Furthermore, the energy transition and the environment they gain prominence compared to the previous agreement, signaling a renewed focus on sustainability. He decent and quality employment and policies for youth and emancipation They are also fundamental pillars of the pact.

Departments and management

Regarding the management of departments, the PNV will continue to lead Health, Education, Security, Economy and Finance, and Culture. For its part, the PSE-EE will maintain the leadership of Employment and Work, Territorial Planning and Transport, Tourism, Commerce and Consumption. Furthermore, Housing is likely to continue under socialist management.

Regarding the new self-government, no differences have been closed on this occasion, allowing each party to present its proposals. As Andoni Ortuzar mentioned, "each political party will have the opportunity to present its proposal." However, both parties agree that they are not starting from scratch and that the previous work in the Basque Parliament will be the basis to continue advancing in the development of the new status.

Composition of the new Government

Finally, it has been announced that Imanol Pradales will reveal the composition of the new Basque Government after his inauguration as Lehendakari on June 22. This new government team will work under the lines outlined in the agreement signed today, guaranteeing a joint approach to the region's priority challenges.

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