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New Basque regulations for residences: Descending the quality ladder?

Personnel from a residence in Bizkaia carefully caring for an elderly person.

Laura Rangel Ybarra

June 22, 2023 | 7:30 a.m.

Controversy in the new decree of residences in Bizkaia

In the perpetual struggle for excellence in the care of our elders, the shadow of disappointment hovers over him the Basque Country. Today, we focus on the journey of a new decree which, according to some, is losing footing as far as quality standards are concerned. Nerea Kortajarena, coordinator of the EH Bildu parliamentary group, has come out to fly the flag of concern.

Unfocused or just conformists?

The decree in question seeks regulate the conditions and requirements in residences for the elderly in Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa. the pulse trembles: It is stated that the regulations are below the minimum standards established by the State in 2022. a melodic lament: “a terrible adaptation of the agreement from a year ago in Madrid,” says Kortajarena.

Reflection in a broken mirror

Let's get analytical, without spoiling the insight. The new decree seems to dance to the same rhythm than the previous one in 2019. What is the point? Requirements and standards that they fall shortLike a tailor with a bad hand. The Basque residences, if we follow this compass, will have a level of care of lower quality than the rest of the State. Mrs. Kortajarena throws a question into the air, is this the transition to a new model of care?

The dance of squares and modules

Among the nuances and tones of this decree, a number stands out: 150. That is the maximum number of places that the new residences will have. Together with this limit, the centers will be divided into modules with a maximum of 25 seats per module. This is where the shoe pinches. The limits established by the Madrid Agreement contemplate residences of no more than 120 seats and modules no more than 15 seats.

Time, a precious commodity

Let's talk about ratios, those figures that define the time of personalized direct attention. The decree flies low, below the minimum established by the Territorial Council of Social Services. Here the alarm sounds strongly, because in times of pandemic, the residences with the worst ratios faced a higher mortality rate.

an unbalanced clock

There is a bitter taste in Kortajarena's words when mentioning that the new decree does not reinforce social and health care. We find a telecare and assistants assuming roles of Nursing staff. more is expected, quality is demanded for those who require specialized care.

Group of doctors and nurses in a residence in Bizkaia caring for two elderly people.
Doctors and nurses working in synergy to provide top-level medical care to the elderly in a residence in Bizkaia.

The people's voice

The decree seems to pass by and forget about citizen participation. Other autonomous communities, such as Catalonia, have already regulated the participation of users and their families. Where is the Basque Country?

A call to reflection

Basque society, one of the oldest in the world, faces a care crisis It demands attention and action. It is imperative to agree on a new residence model, guarantee quality care, and allow the active participation of those involved. In short, a country debate is necessary.

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