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New decree on teleworking in the Basque Public Administration

Jesus Carames

July 18, 2023 | 5:15 p.m.

The Basque Government Council has given the green light to new decree regulating teleworking in the Basque Public Administration. This regulation, approved this Tuesday, introduces important changes and extends the existing regulation since 2012, with the aim of adapting to current needs and providing greater opportunities for teleworking to public employees in the autonomous community.

A new era for teleworking in the Basque Country

The decree, which seeks greater labor flexibility, In general, it contemplates two full days of teleworking per week. However, this figure can be increased according to the particularities of each job. In this way, it is intended to adapt the teleworking modality to the specific needs of each sector and employee.

Expansion of access to teleworking

With the approval of this new regulation, access to teleworking in the Basque Public Administration is extended. Now, more public employees from different areas will be able to access this type of work. This includes the general administration, autonomous bodies, as well as the Education, Health, Security and Justice sectors. In addition, it also extends to public entities under private law, public companies, foundations and public sector consortia.

Flexibility and adaptation in each sector

The possibility of increasing teleworking days based on the particularities of each job will be discussed at the collective bargaining table for each sectoral area. This will make it possible to adapt teleworking to the specific needs of each sector and provide greater reconciliation options for public employees.

Voluntary and reversible character

It is important to note that teleworking will be voluntary and reversible. In other words, public employees will be able to opt for this modality of work, but they will also be able to return to face-to-face if they wish. However, it is important to point out that some jobs that require the physical presence of the employee in the workplace cannot be performed by teleworking.

Supervision and control of the labor modality

In search of ensuring the correct functioning of teleworking, a monitoring commission to control and supervise this type of work. This will ensure that teleworking runs smoothly and that employees and management can adapt to the changes it may bring.

The new decree on teleworking in the Basque Public Administration is a significant step towards greater labor flexibility and adaptation to current needs. With this regulation, it seeks to provide more teleworking opportunities to public employees, allowing a more effective conciliation and a greater adaptation to the changing circumstances of the work environment.

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