July 13, 2024 | 6:29


New Children's Park in Getxo

Mairenis Gomez

June 4, 2024 | 4:25 pm

At the beginning of next year, Getxo will have its 45th playground, an innovative and multifunctional facility on Arene Street.

Getxo is about to enrich its leisure and sports offer with the construction of its 45th playground. Located on Arene Street, this new park will be ready at the beginning of next year and promises to be a reference space for both children and athletes..

An ambitious project framed in the 2023 participatory budgets

Work is scheduled to start after the summer, with a duration of approximately five months. The necessary investment amounts to 1,15 million euros, an amount that reflects the ambition and scope of the project. This park will be carried out within the framework of the 2023 participatory budgets, ensuring that it meets the needs and desires of the local community.

Three differentiated areas for various activities

The playground will have three main areas:

  1. children's play area: Designed to offer fun to children of different ages, this area will include swings with cradle and triple seats, accessible to all, climbing structures, walkways with different heights, and play areas with balance activities, climbing and slides. Each element is designed to encourage physical activity and motor development in the little ones..
  2. Multisport area: This 22x12 meter area will have artificial grass, closure, side access and baskets. It will be an ideal space for practicing different sports, promoting physical exercise and team play..
  3. Calisthenics space: With an area of ​​270 square meters, this area will be equipped with various elements to perform suspension, support and warm-up exercises. A perfect place for fitness lovers and those looking to improve their physical condition for free and outdoors.

A striking cover that promises to be a local icon

The entire surface of the park will be covered, ensuring its use in different weather conditions. The cover will have a striking aesthetic, representing a kind of cloud both in shape and color., which will add an attractive and distinctive visual element to the park.

A space for the entire community

This new playground will not only provide a safe and fun place for children to play, but will also offer facilities for young people and adults interested in sport and physical activity. The combination of play areas, multi-sports and calisthenics ensures that the park will cater for a wide range of interests and ages, promoting the integration and well-being of the community.

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