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Next opening of the Santurtzi-La Arena cycling track

Next opening of the Santurtzi-La Arena cycle path Completion scheduled for the end of the year

Jeickson Sulbaran

February 26, 2024 | 1:30 p.m.

Today I want to share a significant advance in the field of sustainable mobility in Bizkaia, specifically in Santurtzi, this is the next completion of the cycle path that will connect Santurtzi with the bidegorri of La Arena in Sanfuentes, Abanto Zierbena. This work, which is expected to be completed by the end of this year, is a clear example of how infrastructure can transform local mobility and encourage healthier lifestyle habits.

A key project for sustainable mobility in Santurtzi-The sand

The mayor of Santurtzi, Karmele Tubilla, and the provincial deputy for Infrastructure and Territorial Development, Imanol Pradales, have highlighted the importance of this project during their recent visit to the works. The final stretch, which runs between Mamariga and El Villar, is not just another piece of the puzzle; It is the link that completes a vital cycle corridor. With an investment of 2,7 million euros, this project represents a firm commitment to promoting cycling mobility and the safety of cyclists and pedestrians.

The trail is much more than just a bike route; It is a symbol of the change towards more sustainable and conscious mobility. The impact of this infrastructure goes beyond transportation; influences the quality of life, health and social cohesion of the community. By connecting Santurtzi with the La Arena bidegorri, a range of possibilities opens up for trips that are more environmentally friendly and beneficial for health.

Innovation and sustainability: characteristics of the new bidegorri

Exploring in more detail, the new section of the cycle path is distinguished by its innovative and sustainable approach. It begins on Vallejo Street, in Mamariga, extending along the N-644 to the El Villar neighborhood. This route not only physically connects key points in the region, but also represents a connection between innovation and respect for the environment.

An example of this innovation is the elevated structure to cross low-lying areas, an ingenious solution that demonstrates how infrastructure can respectfully adapt to the landscape. Furthermore, the use of recycled aggregates and the installation of solar streetlights reflect a commitment to environmental sustainability. These features not only improve the user experience, but also set a precedent for future infrastructure projects in the region.

The Santurtzi-La Arena cycle path is much more than a mobility project; It is a step towards a future where respect for the environment and the health of citizens are priorities. This project is an example of the commitment of local authorities to the continuous improvement of the quality of life of its inhabitants. We look forward to its completion and the opening of new routes that will further strengthen sustainable mobility in Bizkaia.

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