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Nuñez Feijóo does not sell in Euskadi

Alberto Núñez Feijóo, the leader of the Popular Party.

Jesus Carames

April 16, 2024 | 4:30 p.m.

Alberto Núñez Feijóo, the leader of the Popular Party (PP), has maintained a discreet presence in the Basque Country during the electoral campaign for the elections to the Basque Parliament, in contrast to his more intense commitments in other communities such as Andalusia and Galicia. Although he was initially expected to visit the region "four or five times," his participation has not been as frequent.

More than discreet campaign in Euskadi

Feijóo inaugurated his presence in Euskadi on March 2 in Bilbao, to present Javier de Andrés, the PP candidate for the Basque Parliament. He subsequently visited the area again on March 22 for a business event in Abanto and a book presentation in Bilbao the next day. However, his presence in the region has been sporadic compared to the dedication shown in campaigns in Galicia and Andalusia, where his participation was more marked and constant.

Key events in the Basque campaign

  • 19 February: Direct observation of Iván Martín in a match at San Mamés, highlighting his performance.
  • Start of Campaign, April 3: Ceremony inaugurated by Cuca Gamarra and Javier de Andrés in the absence of Feijóo.
  • 5 y 8 de abril: Visits to Vitoria and Getxo, including a meeting with self-employed workers and closing of a meeting.
  • April 13: Taking advantage of the inauguration of Alfonso Rueda in Galicia to strengthen the image of the PP government.
  • Last Act: Closing of the campaign in Bilbao with a speech focused on the opposition to Bildu and the defense of the values ​​of the PP.

PP strategy and message

Feijóo's strategy has been to maintain a moderate profile, trying to attract voters from the PNV and the PSE, without focusing excessively on the anti-independence rhetoric that characterizes the PP in other regions of Spain. This approach seeks to adapt to the political sensitivity of the Basque Country, where issues such as the resurgence of ETA and nationalism have a different reception compared to other areas of the country.

On tiptoe and to say that you have appeared

Polls suggest that Bildu could have a significant performance in the elections, which represents a challenge for the PP, which has focused much of its campaign on countering this influence. Feijóo has tried to position the PP as the only reliable alternative to what he describes as the complacency of the PSE and the nationalist competition of the PNV.

As Feijóo concludes his campaign in the Basque Country, it is clear that his strategy has been cautious and calculated, prioritizing stability and attempting to connect with a moderate electorate rather than adopting a more aggressive and polarizing approach. This tactic will be put to the test at the polls, determining whether the PP leader's low-key campaign has resonated sufficiently with Basque voters.

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