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Oihane Agirregoitia of the PNV proposes a specific fisheries commissioner in the European Commission

Jesus Carames

May 17, 2024 | 8:15 p.m.

The PNV candidate for the European elections, Oihane Agirregoitia, suggests the creation of an exclusive Commissioner for Fisheries in the European Commission to improve communication and management of the sector.

This Friday, at an electoral event in Bermeo (Bizkaia) during the celebration of the Arrain Azoka, Oihane Agirregoitia, head of the PNV list for the European elections, proposed an innovative idea: that the European Commission have a specific Commissioner for Fisheries, separate of Agriculture. According to Agirregoitia, this measure will facilitate "closer and more direct" communication between the fishing sector and the European institutions, thus benefiting all parties involved.

Agirregoitia's proposal includes the creation of a specific Commissioner for Fisheries, which would allow a more specialized and effective approach in the management of this key sector for many regions in Europe. Furthermore, the candidate advocates strengthening the "external dimension of the fisheries policy" of the European Union, with the aim of combating "illegal or non-standard" fishing.

In his speech, Agirregoitia emphasized the importance of reducing administrative procedures and bureaucracy faced by entrepreneurs in the fishing sector. Streamlining these processes would facilitate access to the various European Union programs, promoting growth and innovation in fishing.

"We are going to continue being the voice of the fishing sector in Europe," said Agirregoitia, highlighting the continuity and commitment of the PNV to this vital industry. The candidate also praised the work carried out by her predecessor, Izaskun Bilbao, in the preparation of the fishing control regulations, a crucial regulation to guarantee the traceability of fish and the sustainability of the sector.

The fishing sector, a fundamental part of the economy and culture of many European regions, requires specific attention and management to address its unique challenges. Agirregoitia's proposal reflects a deep understanding of these needs and a willingness to work on practical and effective solutions.

The creation of a specific Commissioner for Fisheries would not only improve the internal management of the European Union, but would also send a clear signal of the importance of this sector on the European political agenda. Fishing is not simply an economic activity, but a tradition and a way of life for many coastal communities.

In the fight against illegal fishing, the external dimension of the European Union's fisheries policy plays a crucial role. Strengthening this dimension would allow for stricter surveillance and more effective international cooperation to preserve marine resources and ensure that fishing is carried out in a sustainable and legal manner.

The reduction of bureaucracy is another central point in Agirregoitia's proposal. Simplifying administrative procedures is essential so that entrepreneurs in the fishing sector can access European funds and programs without unnecessary obstacles. This would not only encourage innovation and development in the sector, but would also ensure that aid and resources reach those who need it most efficiently.

The PNV's commitment to the fishing sector is clear in the words of Agirregoitia. His promise to continue being the voice of this sector in Europe is a reaffirmation of the constant and dedicated work the party has done over the years.

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