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Ongoing investigation by the Ertzaintza after complaint of sexual assault in Durango

Jesus Carames

April 8, 2023 | 7:26 p.m.

The Ertzaintza has initiated an investigation in the Biscayne municipality of Durango after the complaint of a sexual assault last Thursday. The City Council has expressed its rejection and rejection of the event.

Sexual assault reported in Durango

The Basque autonomous police, the Ertzaintza, has confirmed that it is investigating a case of sexual assault occurred last Thursday in the municipality of Durango, in Vizcaya. The complaint of a woman has been the starting point for the opening of this investigation.

Rejection and rejection by the Durango City Council

After learning the news of the complaint, the Durango City Council has issued a statement in which it expresses its "rejection and rejection" before sexual assault. Likewise, it has offered all its "human and legal" resources to provide support to the victim in this difficult moment.

Eradication of sexist violence and social awareness

The Durango City Council has underlined its commitment to eradicate gender violence and promote awareness in society regarding respect for women. In this sense, they have stressed the importance of joining efforts between institutions and citizens to combat this type of violence.

Appeal to the public to support acts of rejection

The consistory has made an appeal to the population to join the acts of revulsion of this aggression that can be summoned by the local feminist movement. In this way, it seeks to show solidarity and support for the victim, as well as reaffirm the commitment of society in the fight against gender violence.

The importance of reporting and supporting victims

The complaint of the woman attacked in Durango is a reminder of the importance of make visible and denounce cases of sexist violence. The support of institutions and citizens is essential for victims to feel supported and safe when taking this step.

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