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Operation in Bizkaia concludes with the arrest of an ertzaina in Basauri

Operation in Bizkaia concludes with the arrest of an ertzaina in Basauri

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 21, 2024 | 9:08 a.m.

Ertzaintza agent arrested for alleged involvement in drug trafficking in a large police operation in Bizkaia and Cantabria

Since the early hours of this Thursday, the Ertzaintza and the Civil Guard have carried out a extensive anti-drug operation which has resulted in the arrest of an Ertzaintza agent in the Biscayan town of Basauri. This arrest is part of a larger investigation which covers several towns in Bizkaia, including Alonsotegi, Barakaldo and Leioa, as well as in Cantabria. The magnitude of the operation reflects the seriousness of the drug trafficking problem in the region and the determination of the authorities to combat it.

The detained agent, stationed at the Durango police station, has been arrested for his alleged involvement in drug trafficking, which has generated a significant impact in the community and within the police force. This operation not only highlights the cooperation between different security forces, but also the firmness of institutions to eradicate corruption within their ranks.

Searches and arrests in several locations in Bizkaia

During the operation, security forces have carried out searches in flats and markets in several locations in Bizkaia, pointing out the extension of the drug trafficking network in the region. The searches have been carried out in Alonsotegi, Basauri, Barakaldo and Leioa, showing a coordinated and meticulous deployment of the agents.

Operation in Bizkaia concludes with the arrest of an ertzaina in Basauri

It is important to highlight that the authorities They do not rule out new arrests in the coming days, underscoring the scope of the ongoing investigation. The involvement of another Ertzaintza agent is also being investigated, which adds a worrying dimension to the situation, revealing possible internal connections that could be facilitating illicit activities.

This operation reflects a firm and determined commitment by the Ertzaintza and the Civil Guard to dismantle drug trafficking networks and ensure the integrity of their own bodies. The actions taken send a clear message to the community and those involved in illegal activities about the zero tolerance towards corruption and organized crime.

The arrest of an Ertzaintza agent in an anti-drug operation in Bizkaia highlights the seriousness of the authorities in addressing the problem of drug trafficking, even when it means investigating and arresting its own members. This event highlights the importance of transparency and accountability within the security forces, and reinforces public confidence in the institutions responsible for protecting law and order.

The operation in Bizkaia and Cantabria is a strong example how collaboration between different security forces can achieve significant results in the fight against drug trafficking. The community hopes that these actions continue and that integrity and professionalism is maintained within all law enforcement agencies.

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